Spilling The Beans

The Star (St. Lucia) - Life Begins 2 Nite - - JUICY LOCAL GOSSIP! - with Biky B

Boy­oboy­oboy! What a month Fe­bru­ary turned out to be: Valen­tine’s, In­de­pen­dence, Good Ser­vice Awards . . . messieurs. Mean­while tings get­ting’ rougher and rougher wid no ease-up in sight. Peo­ple eh even talkin’ about bet­ter days any­more. Oh, well . . .

JADED: I never woulda be­lieve it. Da Jade (not to be con­fused wid de new gem­stone) so bold­face she ac­tu­ally tellin’ peo­ple tings in de coun­try bad. De woman post on Face­book dat when she get to de food fes­ti­val in Vieux Fort she al­most get a heart at­tack she find out de en­try fee is ten dol­lars for adults and five for de chil­dren. Da Jade say if she had to pay to en­ter for her­self an’ her fam­ily she woulda been left with­out even five dol­lars to block ah hole. Well, boy, what dat tell Biky is who­ever busi­ness­men dat pay­ing her new salary, none ah dem name Juf­fali. Or dere name is Juf­fali, maybe her check still in de mail.

Al­ka­lado: I eh know, eh. To each his own an’ all dat. But dat Al­ka­line ting and de way de man singing like Mickey Mouse wid his nuts in a trap, dat just not my speed. On de ud­der hand I hear all de youths talkin’ about de dance­hall star is de bomb. Well at de Pi­geon Is­land show last Sun­day tings re­ally did ex­plode. First it was a fella who pelt Al­ka­line him wid a bot­tle in mid-per­for­mance. Next ting you know is bot­tle rain­ing from de stage and back. Two women eh see nothin’ bet­ter to do dan get into a fight over de Ja­maica. Eh ben bon!

In-dee-pen-dent: Some peo­ple just cyar help it. Like dat lit­tle hot­tie chick dat claim she’s ah youth ad­vo­cate but dere she is openly hav­ing a fling wid a mar­ried pub­lic of­fi­cial who eh know when to keep his hands in his pocket and outta de In­de­pen­dence pie. Boy ah tell you, de woman stick like glue to de man, all de while claim­ing she de­liv­er­ing youth ser­vice. I tell you some peo­ple got no shame at all. Takin’ self­ies ev­ery three sec­onds, as if she plan­ning to get off on dem when de real busi­ness done.

A rose by any other name: Ah hear a cer­tain pro­mo­tion com­pany dat start wid ah O in its name soon gon have to get an­nuder let­ter af­ter one ah de mem­bers get ar­rested for fraud. De man was all over de place like he was some kinda Saudi bil­lion­aire, play­ing big boy and ting, but when trou­ble hit him he had to hit on his folks in Canada. Boy, all along Biky did smell some­thing about dat guy dat re­mind him of rat. You check it?

Ah go leave it dere for now. All you cool your­selves, eh. It’s Lent. Check out de scoops again next week right here. In de mean­time write me at bikyb@stlu­ci­as­tar.com

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