Spilling The Beans

The Star (St. Lucia) - Life Begins 2 Nite - - JUICY LOCAL GOSSIP! - With Biky B

How y’all doin’ in de Soaps City? Biky B do­ing jus’ fine, even in de heat of dis silly sea­son and hardly any drinkin’ wa­ter let alone wa­ter to cool off in.

Beach Front: Ah guess all de holier than thou saints and hyp­ocrites dat was con­demn­ing Mer­cury Beach will be happy to get their way. Biky un­der­stand de event dat de­liver mil­lions of dol­lars di­rectly into our half-dead may go to an­other is­land, all be­cause dis govern­ment refuse to put more money into it. To tink dey spendin’ mil­lions on Jazz to fill a few ho­tel rooms with­out profit. Ah well, I guess ah go have to pack my bags in Au­gust and head to de next desti­na­tion!

Sex Tapes: Hey, is Biky alone dat hear about de owner of a cer­tain ra­dio sta­tion with a Satanic in­ter­est in un­der-age flesh? Biky B hear de man so highly con­nected, de au­thor­i­ties eh want to go too close in case dere uni­form pick up red stains. Stay tuned.

Holy Mary: Speakin’ of color schemes, de red boys and their cre­ative di­rec­tor giv­ing Allen heat about sayin’ tings like Ban­della. So how come deh couldn’t catch de big booboo in de Gros Islet MP ad? All my life ah grow up hearin’ about Marie Therese Street but is like dey re­name de street af­ter some­one called Mary Therese. I sup­pose when it come to vir­gin names de Gros Islet MP knows best!

What Goes Around: De way de news reach me is dat a for­mer loans of­fi­cer at a lo­cal bank had was to hot­foot it to Gre­nada just to get over a gros pwel. Ac­tu­ally it was more dan a gros pwel. De man used to horn his wife with an­other chick dat go and get her­self preg­nant for him. When de wife pick up and leave de young chick move in wid their daugh­ter. But boy de chick soon get fed up. De man was at work when she pick up their daugh­ter and move to Mar­tinique. So fi­nally Padna de­cide to take some re­cov­ery time in the Spice Is­land.

So ah go leave it here for now. Check out more next week in 2Nite Mag­a­zine. And doh for­get you could send me your emails at bikyb@stlu­ci­as­tar.com

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