Spilling The Beans

The Star (St. Lucia) - Life Begins 2 Nite - - JUICY LOCAL GOSSIP! - with Biky B

It’s Easter week­end, peo­ple. An­other long holiday week­end. Some ah you gonna go to church, some to de beach, Aqua Mele and so on. Wat­ever you do, just re­mem­ber to do it wid cau­tion. Fix De Roads: Awa! You mean to tell me we still in de days of chicken and rum pol­i­tics and overnight road patch­ing? At least de Vieux Fort north MP was bold­face enough to post on FB dat de Morne View road had been in a de­press­ing state of dis­re­pair “for so many years”—un­til last week­end. SMH. Ah well, whether de Earl like it or not, is de silly sea­son all over again. Jade vs Jade: Talk­ing about silly sea­son, it seem like we go be hav­ing a dou­ble dose of Jade this elec­tion year. Biky B does get bam­boo­zle as to where de gov­ern­ment and party lines start and stop. Okay, so ah un­der­stand Jade num­ber two had to pose for a selfie with de Anse La Raye-Ca­naries hope­ful. Af­ter all, she from de con­stituency. But now at ev­ery party meet­ing she post­ing com­ments and is selfie af­ter selfie, as if she givin’ Jade num­ber one a run for her salary. But she kinda make Pip look good in dat lat­est selfie. Maybe be­cause, like she said, Pip is her, er, men-tor. You’re Fired: Looks like a lo­cal pro­moter dat started moon­light­ing as one of the mem­bers of a re­cent car­ni­val band done get da boot. Biky B hear de man was all over de place telling peo­ple how he go run tings this year and on and on. Some­body de­cide dat if mate talk­ing so much al­ready and de band eh even launch yet, tings could only get worse. Well, Biky B hear dey pwen doovant and send him pack­ing. Pappi-Show: Ah papi yo booshayw! So a 80-year-old man get caught in de sack with two hot­ties in dere early twen­ties. De man mar­ried now for fifty years and his wife still alive in her seven­ties. De peo­ple say she hus­band send her to spend a week­end with her rel­a­tives in an­other com­mu­nity. Den he get a neigh­bor to buy him a load of En­hance for de job ahead. Well boy de Satur­day night, when de man deep in his groove, de wife rel­a­tives drop her back home be­cause she miss­ing her dou-dou so bad. Well boy heart-at­tack al­most take pappi. Lucky for him de girls jump out a back win­dow in front of neigh­bors wid dere mouths wide open. Dat’s it for me. Ah guess among de beans this week­end ah go have to pick up some Easter eggs too. In any case ah prom­ise my­self to en­joy de week­end to de max and hope you do too. But doh for­get to drop me a line at Bikyb@stlu­ci­as­tar.com.

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