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So elec­tions done but is like some peo­ple still have de ta­banca, es­pe­cially those dat get de boot and all dem con­sul­tants dat go now have to find other suck­ers to con. Some ah dem is like dey workin’ for Mark Zuker­berg. Dey busy-busy mayp­wisay­ing peo­ple on Face­book and dish­ing out ad­vice t no­body ask for. My ad­vice to dem peo­ple: prac­tise what you preach. Any­way, on to this week’s beans:

Six Gs: Ah hear one ah dem dat eh get voted in, al­most got a heart-at­tack last Mon­day evening. Biky B hear de man give a don from de ghetto six grand to have de peeps take down an ef­figy and cof­fin of him and to get him votes. Well boy, when de man re­al­ize how much licks he was takin’ in dat par­tic­u­lar ghetto bal­lot box he al­most pass out. Ah well fewer cigars and less Hen­nessey for a month won’t hurt.

Dead­beat Dad: So just be­cause de woman eh want to sleep with this wannabe Reg­gae singer from de south, de man tellin’ her he through feedin’ de chil­dren he have with her. On top ah dat, he tellin’ peo­ple he off is­land, an’ all de while he run­nin’ woman down south. Mean­while is like he have peo­ple in high places block­ing war­rants for him. Some men, ah tell you!

On De Grass: At least de bold-face con­trac­tor dat walk into Gov­ern­ment House last week in jeans and loafers when de PM was be­ing sworn in, got it right on Tues­day. Wear­ing a suit from ei­ther Bobby’s or Con­way, de man was beam­ing on de red car­pet at de Phillipe Marce­line Ground. But it look like de lit­tle chica he picked up along de way was de one dat eh get de dress code memo on Tues­day. So while padna was ush­ered to his VIP seat his other half was left standin’ on de grass like a sheep in jeans and strapped top!

For Sale: Any­one wanna make some bread on de dead? Ah hear a fu­neral home may be up for sale due to a cer­tain at­tack of gop­wel. Ah hear de man wanna call it quits af­ter he wife hot­foot it to de US. De way Biky B hear de story, padna in­tend to hunt de woman down, wher­ever she may be.

Any­way peo­ple, ah go leave it here to­day. For more scoops check out next week­end’s 2Nite Mag­a­zine. You know what to do if you have any beans of your own. Reach me at bikyb@stlu­ci­as­

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