The Star (St. Lucia) - Life Begins 2 Nite - - NEWS - By Biky B

I’m back again with another round up of NCF (not-nec­es­sar­ily-fake) news on this Soleil and Mother’s Day week­end. Now doh ex­pect me to say noth­ing about de peo­ple jazz tun. (Although am sure de Trump­ster will be happy for the chance to make his Miss Amer­ica great again. Ah sure even if tings get hot Sun­day she go keep her clothes on. But boy lemme leave dat alone tun.

Bulls­eye: I eh too sure if any black­mail­ing in­volved in dat one. But de lat­est short porn video mak­ing de rounds is re­ally some­thing. And ah do mean short eh. Peo­ple in shock af­ter dey see a ma­cho look­ing fella in de video, of­fer­ing a next man two hun­dred dol­lars for a gay-bomb. Ah guess dat one eh have no VAT on it. Eh ben bon!

Tief­ing Spree: On de week­end two young girls from up north dress up nice-nice and say dey go­ing on a shop­ping spree. Now ah know tings hard but ah never knew you coulda shop with no money. But dem two like dey never know dat. Af­ter hit­ting a few shops and stuff­ing dey panties and bags one ah dem got caught on her way out. Maybe is de fluffy bed­room slip­pers in de back of her panty dat was de give away.

No Free Lunch: Doh ask me why, but it seems like peo­ple in de me­dia get­ting a bad rap. Well, at least some a dem. De way Biky B hear it, a cer­tain fe­male me­dia per­son­al­ity been storm­ing a par­tic­u­lar ho­tel and pre­tend­ing to be on busi­ness. But de truth is she only go­ing dere for free food and drinks. Last ah hear de ho­tel peo­ple get onto her and dey warn if she eh stop dat shit dey go put brakes on her and maybe a pair of sil­ver bracelets too!

Cy­ber­wars: Be­fore ah go ah have to say boy, dem days is like we liv­ing in a movie, wid cy­ber wars all over de place. Pages and sites seem to be shut­ting down left right

and cen­ter for fake news and other vi­o­la­tions. Now Biky B all for free speech eh but some ah de reck­less tings ah see­ing and hear­ing dem days is only a mat­ter a time some kinda court ac­tion take place. Oh ah just hear some­one say one al­ready on de way. Don’t say Biky B din warn you fake peo­ple eh.

Any­ways dat’s my space and time peeps. What­ever ya’ll do, have a good one, and may I wish ev­ery­one happy Mother’s Day. And as al­ways Biky B al­ways ready to re­ceive some of your beans too. Drop dem at bikyb@gmail.com.

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