De sun hot dem days, de politics hot but ah doubt as hot as de 2Nite and your fa­vorite sec­tion, right? Well, ah back with more beans. Sit back and en­joy:

The Star (St. Lucia) - Life Begins 2 Nite - - WHAT'S INSIDE - By Biky B

Soca Horn: I eh know what kinda ta­banca a cer­tain soca artiste go­ing through with his man­ager but boy every time de man see de woman is some kind of ro-ro. Last week at a bar in Rod­ney Bay is de same ting. De man end up ha­rass­ing de police and de for­mer man­ager had to end up mak­ing a re­port. Padna is time you cool out . . . and just move on.

Man in a Manger: But say one say two. De more tings change de more dey re­main de same. A cer­tain pro­ducer al­ways used to be in some roro with this woman all over Rod­ney Bay, un­til dey split. Now dat she back in his camp Biky B say well boy tings look like it change. Awa! Now de chick look like she want to take charge of de mun life and every woman he talk to she eye­ing dem and ques­tion­ing him. Well boy on Satur­day big con­fronta­tion in Rod­ney Bay. Next day she say­ing sorry, and is de rum dat do her dat. Sigh!

Free­bies: As if to me I still see nuff peo­ple pass­ing around with free tick­ets for Jazz last week? So what about all de talk about who used to do what be­fore? I tell you boy some peo­ple could re­ally talk wee. But den again de Jazz was so lapo not even de free tick­ets handed out by some reps were ac­cepted, ex­cept those who got free­bies for VIP where dey had free whiskey and enough free food to feed a vil­lage. Store Raiders: I eh know why boy but dem days Biky B get­ting plenty sto­ries about women shoplift­ing. Just last week ah see a video with three young girls; one a dem ac­tu­ally work­ing in a ho­tel and she and she friends shoplift­ing in a pop­u­lar store. Af­ter de owner catch dem with weave and makeup and say dey call­ing de cops, dey beg and prom­ise to pay. De owner give dem a break but prom­ise if she hear dem up to no good any­where again, de video go­ing vi­ral. Boy ah eh know what to say again. Young peo­ple get your own tun. Any­way ah go leave it dere for de time be­ing peo­ple. En­joy de week­end de vaval al­most here so pace all you self. And re­mem­ber drop me some beans at bikyb@gmail.com. Come back next week okay!

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