The Star (St. Lucia) - Life Begins 2 Nite - - NEWS - By Biky B Dat ’s all de space ah have for now peeple. So you go have to fol­low more of the ex­cit­ing ad­ven­tures of Biky B in next week­end’s 2Nite. Doh forget to drop me some beans at bikyb@gmail.com.

My peeps, how tings go­ing wid you? Doh lie, ah know all you cyan wait for de week­end to es­cape all de pol­i­tics and spend a few min­utes with Biky B. Well, you know de plea­sure is all mine.

Den­nery Sex­ment: Ah doh want to start with jokes about how Soca Switch last Satur­day had more peo­ple dan de com­bined first two days of Jazz, okay. What ah go tell you about is how it seems like de rum and mu­sic, es­pe­cially in de Den­ner y seg­ment, did un­speak­able ting to some heads. Ah see a video gone vi­ral show­ing a cou­ple com­pletely wasted and naked in a ve­hi­cle af­ter de show, and of course dey into dere own show. Look like dey took Mongstar at his word, de way dey get into de doggy ting. Hmmm!

Soca Splash: But wait, there was even more roro at de show, peo­ple. If you see how a cer­tain hot boy was dere catch­ing a grind on a sexy honey when de song “Bad in bum-bum” come on. Well doh ask me who she was but dis other woman get vex and just so she throw a drink on de man. Is her friends who had to pull her away to pre­vent a big­ger ro-ro. Well boy padna just wipe him­self down and con­tinue tak­ing his grind like he wet from sweat. Mean­while Ms. No Bum-Bum fum­ing mad. It took a whole load ah friends to fi­nally calm her down. Eh ben bon!

Pass It: Ah tink Soleil prob­a­bly need a new event. Some kinda vice bac­c­a­hanal, if you get my mean­ing. Ever ybody knows nuthin’ sells like sex, right? De rea­son why ah say­ing dat is be­cause it would seem like to get a blight with de events com­pany some han­ky­panky have to pass. Just ask a cer­tain pre­tend well known ra­dio sta­tion how dey does get their props. What ah go say . . . pimp­ing eh easy boy!

Play Mas: Ah hear how a cer­tain car­ni­val band on de brink. De band al­ready launch and all, but long be­fore car­ni­val Mon­day and Tues­day dere seem to be bac­cha­nal in de camp. Biky B hear one ah de lead­ers was sink­ing some of de cos­tume money and rein­vest­ing in a ting dat have nuthin’ to do with car­ni­val. De plan was to keep tings on de down low and pay back some­day. But now some mem­bers want heads to roll. Dey say is ei­ther dem or de money sinker. Stay tuned!

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