The Star (St. Lucia) - Life Begins 2 Nite - - WHAT'S INSIDE - By Biky B Any­way peeps like ah said be re­spon­si­ble for de vaval. En­joy all yuh self but remember dem days de cam­era on you okay. But you can still catch me some beans and drop dem off at bikyb@gmail.com.

How y’all do­ing peeps? As for me, ah ready for de fet­ing and de road this year. De vavalry al­ready on fire peo­ple and it look like tings gonna be tun up for de sea­son.

Vaval Baby: So ah tek a lime by one ah de com­mu­nity car­ni­val events on de week­end and boy let me tell you it was pure bac­cha­nal. De ting was on fire! But in de heat of ev­ery­thing you know a Looshan soaps had to burst. A girl roll on a fella who was dere with his woman catching a grind. She start say­ing how de man eh mind­ing his child dat born just de other day. If you hear soaps. She say how is last car­ni­val she met de man and tings hap­pen and nine months later baby born. Padna get vex and leave de fete one time boy!

Soca Stars: So ah hear how a young hottie soca artiste dem days rolling on a more sea­son artiste and caus­ing trou­ble in a happy home. De two love birds were spot­ted at a cer­tain beach tak­ing some co­zier dan cozy pics. Some­how de man woman get a hold ah one of de pics and Biky hear how de man say it is for a promo dey do dat. Well boy de woman say she wait­ing to hear and see what dey pro­mot­ing, be­cause from where she stand­ing, she eh blind at all. Some­thing must be go­ing on she say. Ah guess time will tell right?

Fak­ing It: De lengths some peo­ple does go to nowa­days. You mean to tell me dis girl go so far as to fake her sick­ness just so she could bail out on a man for a date? De girl fake doc­tor pa­per and all. Next ting you know de man go by de doc­tor of­fice to fol­low up on her next ap­point­ment for her and de peo­ple say­ing dey eh know dat name. De way ah hear it, de chick was on a next speed with a next man.

Vice Squad: Boy dey say what hap­pen in Ve­gas stays in Ve­gas, but dat fete at Pi­geon Point last week­end, well dat was a whole nud­der story. Is how it go look when dat girl who dey ketch in de bush be­hind de stage with de mar­ried man get put on blast. And trust me is not phone num­bers dey were ex­chang­ing, eh. Is like young lady had to prove dat she was bad in bum-bum and other tings too. Now she telling peo­ple she was drunk. Oh, re­ally now!

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