So just like dat de vaval done! And how was it for you, peeps? I hope all you had a blast, just like Biky B! Any­way I am well rested and back to de­liver a fresh bag of beans for your en­joy­ment this week.

The Star (St. Lucia) - Life Begins 2 Nite - - NEWS - By Biky B

DE MORN­ING AF­TER: When ah hear some­one say de phar­ma­cies were run­ning out of morn­ing af­ter pills this week, fol­low­ing de vaval, ah laugh like it was a joke. But boy ah did a lit­tle check, and it seem de ru­mor right on de but­ton. De magic pill was one hot seller this week. So much for sock­ing it be­fore you knock de lolly. Maybe de heat had some­thing to do wid dat!

STORM­ING COU­PLE: Ah doh know why some folks like to get dem­selves em­bar­rassed so boy. You mean to tell me you and your woman come out all dressed up, and jusso you could in­vade de peo­ple VIP in a top vaval fete? And when de se­cu­rity putting you out you cre­at­ing a scene and em­bar­rass­ing your high so­ci­ety woman? Padna next time save up from De­cem­ber and pay for your VIP, okay?

KALOTS: Look licks I see pas be­hind a cer­tain fella head in a band wee. Who tell de man to sim­u­late when Ambi song was play­ing? De man de­cide to get all freaky with a woman in de band show­ing her how he does sock it be­fore he knock it. Maybe was de rum talk­ing but dat eh stop his woman. She catch him car­ry­ing on like he never carry on wid her and is so blows start pelt­ing while my boy try­ing to look coy. De man in­sist he eh do noth­ing wrong. But de way his woman was get­ting on it look like de only knocks he go get is de kind dat leave all kinda bumps on your head.

BAND MEETS BAND: Ah doh know how some fel­las does do it boy, but to have two woman in de same band? Dis man had his for­eign-based side chick and his main squeeze in de same band. He ask a friend to help him out by drop­ping his woman home while he pick up de side chick when de vaval done, so dey can do dere own ting at a ho­tel. But it look like his boy was too drunk to re­mem­ber and both women end up by his car in de park­ing lot. If you see drama. De main woman say no way de woman com­ing in de car and so padna had to shell out money for taxi for for­eign­base. Eh ben bon! Any­way folks ah have to go hope you en­joyed de dose of beans this week. Re­mem­ber to get your own copy of de 2Nite mag­a­zine in de STAR next week­end for more hot­ter than ever and fully flavoured beans. Un­til then I’m out!

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