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King Says No!

Dr. King, I’ve al­ways re­spected you and now I re­spect you even more. I wish the other se­na­tors and min­is­ters had the courage like you do; maybe they did, but when they got into gov’t., Kenny struck the fear of God in them.

-Ira Lexis

When the econ­omy is so sweet and things are so promis­ing what do you ex­pect peo­ple to do in such bet­ter days, we are cel­e­brat­ing Kenny’s great­ness. Belle des­cand, aun lot gog.


Wow! Dr. King you are my new su­per hero! Thank you! Fi­nally, some­one who is for law and or­der and coun­try! May God give you the wis­dom and in­sight to con­tinue on this right­eous path! Thanks again!

-Jan Boodha Dr. King is one of the few Saint Lu­cians coura­geous enough to speak his mind. I have to com­mend him on tak­ing this stand on a mat­ter of prin­ci­pal and on a mat­ter of law. Thanks King.

-Jim Jones The logo alone is wor­ri­some, a hand saw. You would think that one would be more into us­ing a power saw, oh well it’s an in­di­ca­tion of where Prudie wants to take the coun­try, back­wards. Mi­cie pa mem sav manier pour fare aun business, may ei ca parle come sei ei cest Bill Gates. Prudi, i vande tam­mawaen ep sick bore ecolela, fare ca pour sis lanne, ep si ou sa ashte aun kayi ou kay sa fare pe­pla.


The logo would should have been a NICE big kot­lass.


Did Kenny say Last Days? Bet­ter days, no. Harder days com­ple­ments of Kenny & Co. His big eco­nomic ex­per­i­ment is fall­ing apart. Now, re­gard­ing is­land safety, it might be time to bring back hang­ing. While I am against ex­e­cu­tions, it seems that mod­ern means of polic­ing and in­tel­lect are not un­der­stood by to­day’s thugs. Their in­tel­li­gence is based on a code of sav­age an­i­mal­is­tic think­ing, no room for civil in­tel­lect, so they need to com­mu­ni­cate on a pri­mal level of ba­sic fear and its im­pli­ca­tions.

- Pe­tite Pain

Ply­wood City Re­visted: Was it Peter or was it George?

This is a part of our his­tory, as sor­did as it was, that we need to re­mind our chil­dren of. The lies, the be­trayal, the may­hem and de­struc­tion and the hands of power hun­gry politi­cians. Has any­thing changed?

- Co­hen John

I no­tice since SLP in power both par­ties only set­ting up their par­ties and not set­ting up the coun­try. Too bad.

- Rosie

Greaves Stung by SLP Bugs

What kind of bugs were they, mealy­bugs or chikun­gunya bugs? What do you ex­pect - man in this po­lit­i­cal en­vi­ron­ment is ei­ther to tow the line or you get out. And in the mean­time we are los­ing some good men and women who could be con­tribut­ing to our so­ci­ety who have sim­ply packed and left in­stead of putting up.

--Joe Cools

Some­how I do not think the SLP trusted Greaves who has al­ways had UWP ties, Never mind the Che type beret and the rad­i­cal­ism.

- Briggs Paul.

Rick Wayne Rants

Make them sweat, ex­pose their silent cor­rup­tion. Si­lence is the hypocrisy of greed. My ob­ser­va­tion prin­ci­pal of Kenny is he is a prime ex­am­ple. He promised bet­ter days, but every­day is be­com­ing worse. Izen­berla dit cown ie yae, Kenny bwizen a tire gage a sou boo­d­ien. Rick, I strongly dis­agree with you on the one… There is a quote that goes “speak­ing sev­eral lan­guages is a good thing, keep­ing quiet in any lan­guage is a great thing…” Some­times it is nec­es­sary to keep your mouth closed when what it is you will say will only hurt some­one It is nec­es­sary to keep your mouth closed when you do not have the facts. It is a good idea to keep your mouth closed when the in­for­ma­tion you have is com­ing from un­re­li­able sources. It is im­por­tant to keep your mouth closed when you know the in­for­ma­tion you are shar­ing is false. The world would be a much bet­ter place if mal­palants and mau­vais langues would ob­serve the “si­lence is golden” rule.

- Mal­palant

Thank heaven that some good is com­ing out of the bad­ness that ruled Amy Wine­house’s life and brought it to a pre­ma­ture end. I was pleased to read that kids on the is­land will ben­e­fit from mu­sic lessons to help them keep off the drugs. Yeh, I bet that Amy would re­ally laugh her head off at the irony!

Se­na­tor Stephen King: His state­ments at a re­cent se­nate de­bate on loan guar­an­tees in­di­cat­ing that he would not support some­thing that ap­peared

il­le­gal has drawn wide­spread support.

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