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Travel Re­stric­tions for Ebola Coun­tries

Please Dr. An­thony, Nige­ria is one of the eas­i­est coun­tries to get a false pass­port (ask Nige­ri­ans liv­ing in London). Think how much eas­ier it would be to get a rogue doc­tor to give a cer­tifi­cate of good health.

- John Paul Castro

Fool­ish­ness !!. The way things are go­ing. What if a tourist from the US or oth­ers from Europe bring it in? They will never get banned; they love that dol­lar too much. If it’s a white English Man (they love to go to the Mother Land) who comes to St Lu­cia, pink like a cooked lob­ster, you think they would turn him back? With their massa men­tal­ity down there, oh hell no.! What about a St Lu­cian who vis­ited Africa by the way of the UK and de­cides to go home to jump car­ni­val? The pos­si­bil­i­ties are end­less. Sorry to say, it’s only a mat­ter of time. You bet­ter off pre­par­ing than ban­ning. Did you read that talk about ed­i­to­rial in the Sierra Leone Ob­server? No? Home­work for you when you on the bal­cony this week­end; read about it. Un­cle Sam is at the helm again. Another biological war­fare tested on Africans, but it back­fire on their back­side this time. The chicken came home to roost. Mi feel sorry fi dem! What you sow is what you reap. Gwaaan Isis.

- king majesty

I do not be­lieve that St Lu­cia has the re­sources to pre­pare for any pos­si­ble threat. If Canada is not pre­pared, nei­ther is St Lu­cia.

- Ra­nia Daher

So Kenny you racist bigot, there was Ebola in Texas but I guess you will al­low Tex­ans to en­ter, no prob­lem. It all looks good on the sur­face, do­ing your lit­tle travel pro­pa­ganda, but Ebola is not just in Africa now.

Docks of Despair

– Bolom

The gov­ern­ment can­not do ev­ery­thing, re­gard­less which gov­ern­ment is in power. It is time we St. Lu­cians come to­gether as com­mu­ni­ties, put our re­sources to­gether and get cer­tain things done for our­selves. We need to stop de­pend­ing on gov­ern­ment for EV­ERY­THING; some­things we can do for our­selves. Mathew Fer­di­nand did it alone. This looks likes one of th­ese projects that the lo­cals can take the ini­tia­tive and work on for them­selves – re­pair or re­build. Let peo­ple within the com­mu­ni­ties around do­nate funds, ma­te­ri­als, time, etc. We are a set of self­ish peo­ple who look, each for him­self and God and gov­ern­ment for us all. Un­less we get out of that mind­set, our com­mu­ni­ties will not progress. Let’s build our com­mu­ni­ties to­gether so our chil­dren and their chil­dren can come up with the mind­set that they can do it and not de­pend on the gov­ern­ment to solve ev­ery lit­tle prob­lem. This mind­set is not pro­gres­sive! How­ever, the pol­i­tics and our use­less politi­cians; this is an en­tirely dif­fer­ent story for another time.

– MLJ Will we leave noth­ing for Ebola?

Rick, why not cham­pion the cause for get­ting the Lab up on its feet. This would at least get the ball rolling re­solv­ing crimes, per­haps even be a de­ter­rent. Yes the pur­pose of the press is to high­light is­sues, but it can also keep is­sues at the fore­front, and through in­ves­ti­ga­tion it can bring mat­ters to a head … should the press wish. Some­one needs to do some­thing. Is it enough to sim­ply throw prob­lems out into the open and then walk away/ not follow up? Per­haps the gov­ern­ment re­lies on this sort of re­port­ing so that no is­sue gets the spot­light for long enough, which means it can ig­nore the prob­lems be­ing suf­fered by con­stituents. Where is the power of the me­dia? Just an ob­ser­va­tion.

– Anon

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