Frankenseeds: The Death of Food?

The Star (St. Lucia) - - LOCAL - By Christin Neisler 1. GMOs are Un­healthy.

“One man’s life or death were but a small price to pay for the ac­quire­ment of the knowl­edge which I sought, for the do­min­ion I should ac­quire and trans­mit over the el­e­men­tal foes of our race…” –Mary Shel­ley, Franken­stein

What is a GMO? A ge­net­i­cally mod­i­fied or­gan­ism (GMO) is an or­gan­ism whose ge­netic ma­te­rial has been al­tered us­ing ge­netic en­gi­neer­ing tech­niques. In an ideal world, the cy­cle of food con­sump­tion would be straight­for­ward and in a state of abun­dance. More­over, food costs would be at a healthy bal­ance in con­junc­tion to sup­ply and de­mand, heir­loom plant va­ri­eties would thrive, and no one would go hun­gry. For over 10 years big com­pa­nies, such as Mon­santo, have been plot­ting world dom­i­nance, be­hind the guise of cur­ing the world through “in­creased pro­duc­tiv­ity.” Yet, their dis­creet ma­neu­ver­ings over con­trol of the agri­cul­tural mar­ket has cor­rupted our en­vi­ron­ment and spread its black cloud of GMO seeds beyond the United States and into the Caribbean. Why would St Lu­cia need en­gi­neered seeds?

We all know the story of Franken­stein. Mary Shel­ley’s doomed pro­tag­o­nist Vic­tor Franken­stein dis­cov­ers the se­cret of life and cre­ates an in­tel­li­gent, but grotesque mon­ster from whom even he re­coils in hor­ror. Although a re­mark­able cre­ation, the main idea of the story re­counts how the mon­ster ru­ined his life and the lives of oth­ers. Mon­santo’s GMOs are monsters that can­not be con­tained.

Mo­nop­o­list in­dus­tries in­fil­trat­ing na­ture’s bounty want us to be­lieve GM seeds have the fol­low­ing ben­e­fits: 1. Crops can be de­signed to re­sist pests! 2. Get “bet­ter tast­ing” fruits and vegetables, in­fused with added nutri­ment, that stay fresher longer! 3. Grow seeds in any un­suit­able soil! 4. End world hunger! 5. Save money!

“Ahh,” I’m imag­in­ing this Mon­santo world now, plants that re­pel in­sects . . . and di­nosaurs, an even sweeter mango that can shelf life it­self for months, crop more nu­tri­ent dense than their al­ready nu­tri­tious selves, pa­payas grown in Ice­land, rice in the desert, full bel­lies in Africa, money in my pocket . . . Although many stud­ies con­ducted test­ing the ef­fects of GMO “foods” fed to an­i­mals or tested with hu­mans have been swept into the mist of for­got­ten data, some trusted sci­en­tists and doc­tors have in­deed got­ten their re­sults “pub­lic.” They’ve linked GMO pro­duc­tion to dis­eases such as: chil­dren born with dis­abil­i­ties, kid­neys and liver dam­age, au­toim­mune dis­or­ders, re­pro­duc­tive dis­or­ders, di­ges­tive dis­or­ders, and you got it - Can­cer!

2. GMOs Con­tam­i­nate For­ever.

Imag­ine - GMOs planted in our fields, min­gling and cross pol­li­nat­ing, ad­ven­tur­ing, and pol­lut­ing “the bal­ance” so much that their pres­ence will out­last the ef­fects of global warm­ing AND nu­clear waste? Watch out cock­roaches - you will not be the only species left after the big blowout! It should be ob­vi­ous that th­ese GMOs are harm­ful to our en­vi­ron­ment, short and long term. Ac­cord­ing to re­search from the In­sti­tute for Re­spon­si­ble Tech­nol­ogy, birds, in­sects, am­phib­ians, marine ecosys­tems, and soil or­gan­isms are all af­fected. “GMOs re­duce bio-di­ver­sity, pol­lute wa­ter re­sources, and are un­sus­tain­able.” Monarch but­ter­fly pop­u­la­tions are down 50% in the US due to GM crops elim­i­nat­ing habi­tat.

3. GMOs In­crease Her­bi­cide Use.

GMO ad­vo­ca­tors push that one main ad­van­tage of th­ese mod­i­fied seeds is their won­der­ful abil­ity to re­sist pests by pro­duc­ing a toxin that kills ma­jor in­sects, in turn, de­creas­ing the use of in­sec­ti­cides, there­fore de­creas­ing farm­ing costs. Even weeds would no longer be a prob­lem, be­cause th­ese mad sci­en­tist en­gi­neers were so tal­ented they were able to make GMOs resistant to one par­tic­u­lar weed killer, Roundup. So suit up and start spray­ing ev­ery­where! Hey, then Roundup would be the only her­bi­cide needed! Funny, this same cor­po­ra­tion that pro­vides th­ese “won­der seeds” is the same company that owns and col­lects mil­lions in an­nual prof­its from Roundup. Co­in­ci­dence? Even fun­nier, new su­per weeds have man­i­fested, and now more pes­ti­cides are re­quired.

4. Ge­netic En­gi­neer­ing Cre­ates Dan­ger­ous Side Ef­fects.

Lets take an imag­i­nary trip to Mon­santo’s sci­ence lab. Glow in the dark cats, hu­man-an­i­mal hy­brids, cows with hu­man breast milk . . . Fi­nally World War Z gets its back story.

5. The Truth of Sci­en­tific Test­ing

Biotech com­pa­nies like Mon­santo pay their sci­en­tists to pro­duce test­ing mak­ing us be­lieve GMOs are safe! Ac­cord­ing to the Global Re­search Cen­ter: “In­de­pen­dent sci­en­tists have caught the spin-masters red-handed, demon­strat­ing un­doubt­edly how in­dus­try-funded re­search is de­signed to avoid find­ing prob­lems, and how ad­verse find­ings are dis­torted or de­nied.” Fur­ther­more, “Sci­en­tists who dis­cover prob­lems with GMOs have been at­tacked, gagged, fired, threat­ened, and de­nied fund­ing.”

So when de­cid­ing over mega com­pa­nies’ in­volve­ment in chang­ing the world “for the bet­ter” one seed at a time, just re­mem­ber Franken­stein’s mon­ster, or pic­ture that glowin-the-dark cat. For over three years the global multi­na­tional cor­po­ra­tion, Mon­santo, has been us­ing Puerto Rico’s soil as a play­ground for ge­net­i­cally en­gi­neered seeds. They call this “eco­nomic ex­pan­sion” project Mon­santo’s Caribbean Ex­per­i­ment, yet why not just call this Ex­per­i­men­tal Soil Geno­cide? Let’s not let this ex­per­i­men­tal mon­ster spread any­more to “Sim­ply Beau­ti­ful” St. Lu­cia.

Detri­ments of Ge­net­i­cally En­gi­neered Seeds

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