Griev­ing daugh­ter says CCC showed no re­spect for dead fa­ther

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This is what we have be­come. No re­spect for the dead or the liv­ing. No re­spect for an­i­mals the el­derly or chil­dren. We need a spir­i­tual cleans­ing in this land.

A Voodoo Doc­tor In The House

Rick Wayne A Man Of Faith?

He is not a man of the peo­ple.

-Nor­bert Paul.

CCC just there mak­ing bread on de dead. Be­fore the body well reach six-feet deep they are mak­ing plans to dig it up to bury some­one else. I was at a fu­neral re­cently at Choc and you can ac­tu­ally take the smell of dead bod­ies in those shal­low graves. This is some­thing the CCC and gov­ern­ment need to ad­dress.

--Adrian Jules.

I be­lieve that Claudius Pre­ville was duped as that UWP vot­ing process was flawed. Now let us see how Allen re­sponds to the ques­tion of Ezekiel Joseph be­ing both a can­di­date for Babon­neau and chair­man of the UWP.

-Wan­der­ing Stranger.

I thor­oughly en­joyed last week’s episode of Talk with Wayne and guest Dr. King. The good doc­tor al­ways pre­scribes the right medicine to give us all hope as Saint Lu­cians.

Is Chas­tanet Prime Min­is­ter Ma­te­rial?

If Allen is go­ing to put Kenny away he needs to ex­ploit the mis­ery of “VAT” and “Bet­ter Days”. Hur­ri­cane and Trough Kenny have crip­pled the na­tion with NICE and SMILE. This is not a piss­ing com­pe­ti­tion; the bot­tom line is are you bet­ter off to­day in Kenny’s Bet­ter Days? Do you want to live un­der the rule of a dic­ta­tor in a red shirt and wrin­kled pants? This is the worst that St. Lu­cia has ever been.

–Fer De Lance

He does not un­der­stand the plight of poor St .Lu­cians. One can only un­der­stand the plight of the “common man” if you have to walk in his shoes and when I last looked where has Allen Chas­tanet done so? Oil and wa­ter don’t mix. Most ho­tel or business peo­ple with vested in­ter­est do not en­gage in pol­i­tics be­cause of per­ceived eco­nomic moral­is­tic prin­ci­ples of the fox guard­ing the hen house. Run­ning a ho­tel is not the same as run­ning a coun­try. There are so­cial and

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