The Star (St. Lucia) - - COMMENT - By Roy Carter

Con­ven­tions are tra­di­tion­ally pur­posed to be mainly a bring­ing to­gether of the party faith­ful and in­vited guests where elected mem­bers of the party give an ac­count of their stew­ard­ship, where elec­tions for party po­si­tions are held, and the leader of the party spends his time enun­ci­at­ing his party’s pol­icy plat­form. If he hap­pens to be the head hon­cho of the coun­try, then gov­ern­ment’s do­ings would fea­ture strongly in or­der to give the coun­try an up-to-date pic­ture of its gov­ern­ment’s poli­cies and plans. There is of­ten en­ter­tain­ment thrown in as well at th­ese events. On the whole, the event is sup­posed to be an el­e­vat­ing up­beat one, an event to make the party look good to its mem­bers and in no small mea­sure to those on the out­side, in an ef­fort to at­tract favourable rat­ings and more fol­low­ers.

Well, the Labour Party ob­vi­ously never got this univer­sal memo be­cause the po­lit­i­cal blood­shed which we heard com­ing from the lips of the party leader and Prime Min­is­ter of Saint Lu­cia, Kenny D. An­thony as he de­clared war on a Saint Lu­cian fam­ily – the Chas­tanet fam­ily – was dis­gust­ing and dis­taste­ful to the majority of view­ers across all so­cial strata. It was un­usual for the main man at a con­ven­tion to de­vote so much of his time and en­ergy and voice to em­pha­size with all the hate he could muster, that the SLP is not only against one Chas­tanet but against the Chas­tanet fam­ily. What kind of talk is that from a Prime Min­is­ter?

All of that com­bined with the anger which was on dis­play said to view­ers that Kenny An­thony is truly ob­sessed with Allen Chas­tanet who by and large does not seem to take him on. There should be plenty of time for that though, we hope.

We saw also that KDA’s sus­tained anger and ag­gres­sive­ness were matched by his im­ported prop, the PM of St. Kitts, with all of his own bag­gage and whose lead­er­ship hangs in the bal­ance whilst he con­tin­ues to de­lay con­ven­ing a sit­ting of Par­lia­ment. Al­ways im­port­ing some character to prop him up and try and make him look good. No doubt, as elec­tions draw nearer, Saint Lu­cians can again look for­ward to another set of ap­pear­ances by the Le­banese ped­lar from Do­minica, the Saint Lu­cian leader’s cho­sen ad­vo­cate, who has be­come a mil­lion­aire at Saint Lu­cia’s ex­pense from in­sult­ing us all over the place: in the news­pa­pers, over the air­waves and on the TV. And we have let him have his way.

What to make of the Prime Min­is­ter of Saint Lu­cia, the master of hypocrisy and ar­ro­gance, a full-fledged dic­ta­tor try­ing un­suc­cess­fully to hide that fact? We say this be­cause of the many high­handed ac­tions which he takes. For ex­am­ple, break­ing land us­age laws to suit him­self (Coubaril) and, amongst other in­ci­dents, try­ing to dock civil ser­vants’ pay by 5% just like that with­out even the cour­tesy of any warn­ing or dis­cus­sion. We as a na­tion owe a great debt of thanks to Ms. Mary Isaac and her team, who saved the day - one strong lady who can wrap Kenny around her lit­tle fin­ger any day.

We say he is a dic­ta­tor in the­ory and prac­tice be­cause of his di­vide and rule ac­tions and words, his in­abil­ity to brook any op­po­si­tion or sim­ple dif­fer­ence of opin­ion (ref. Ubal­dus Ray­mond), no mat­ter how mild. He must not be chal­lenged by any­one. He has got so used to al­ways hav­ing his way with his cab­i­net of scared rab­bits who are tooth­less be­fore him, ev­ery last one of them, that by now he be­lieves it is his God-given right.

But let us re­turn to the ‘’con­ven­tion’’ and the SLP’s cho­sen en­ter­tain­ment for this event, which was so base. A racist ca­lypso about whites (was he talk­ing about his own fa­ther there?), a song crit­i­ciz­ing Am­bas­sador Chou, his neme­sis, even as he con­tin­ues to grab all the gen­er­ous hand­outs from Mr Chou’s coun­try. How does Am­bas­sador Chang feel about that, we won­der. And what about that so called skit out of the ‘brain’ of the highly paid gofer, Christo­pher Hunte? It could not rise above sim­ply mock­ing their op­po­sites in the UWP. Such cheap ‘tal­ent’ can come out of a crab hole, from any­one, any­where. It does not take any brains or cre­ativ­ity to come up with that brand of ‘hu­mour’. Is that the kind of the­atre the Cre­ative In­dus­tries is pack­ag­ing and push­ing?

Then of course we were bom­barded with Kenny An­thony’s new­est song, ‘’Alba Bridge, Alba Bridge’’. You would have thought with all the neg­a­tive press he has faced about over­priced bridges, he might have stayed away from that theme. Prime Min­is­ter, our peo­ple can­not eat bridges. Our Saint Lu­cians are hun­gry, de­mor­al­ized and des­per­ate, and all we can hear is “Another Alba Bridge” from his Alba com­rades, all left­ist dic­ta­tors in their own coun­tries. A huge loan from Venezuela, a Venezuela which is on the brink of col­lapse but for the fact that it is ruled over by a dic­ta­tor­ship which many fear, and which keeps its peo­ple quiet with­out any free­dom just like all the other dic­ta­tors who are the friends of Kenny; is this what we want for Saint Lu­cia? Be­cause that is ex­actly the road which he wants to take us down.

Open your eyes, Saint Lu­cia. Do you re­mem­ber Kenny’s words of some years ago? He said that his idols in the re­gion are Fidel, the late Michael Manley, Chavez and Forbes Burn­ham, the lat­ter two, as his­tory will at­test, hav­ing brought their coun­tries to their knees. Mr. Castro is of course in a class of his own, not with­out ad­mirable fea­tures but reign­ing over a coun­try which is not at all free, where cit­i­zens can­not hold opin­ions of their own, which are in any way con­trary to the es­tab­lished line. No Saint Lu­cians, not even those who pre­tend to be lovers of Castro would want to live in such a coun­try. But th­ese are all the peo­ple he said are his idols. ‘’Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.’’

Our con­tin­u­ing de­cline is hap­pen­ing so quickly and not let­ting up, with the wors­en­ing poli­cies and prac­tices of the Labour-led gov­ern­ment un­der Kenny An­thony and his side­kick, Ja­dia Jn. Pierre. To­gether, with his cab­i­net they al­ready have us down the tubes. We in­clude the lady be­cause she is dan­ger­ous by the fact of be­ing so ar­dent and con­vinc­ing in prop­ping up her boss, come hell or high wa­ter. Wake up fel­low­men and fel­low women! Wake up! Are you quiet be­cause you are just wait­ing to ex­hale? That’s what we are told and we are proud of you in­de­pen­dent think­ing young peo­ple who are ready and wait­ing to give your­self a chance at a bet­ter fu­ture.

You told us you saw what looked like a scared Prime Min­is­ter be­cause only some­one who is re­ally scared could let him­self be car­ried away and speak the words and ideas which em­anated from him for all the world to de­cry, openly tar­get­ing his fel­low cit­i­zens. Par­don us, Kenny An­thony, but your vin­dic­tive­ness and venge­ful­ness were clearly on dis­play. This was not the mar­ket steps after all. This war­like talk from the Prime Min­is­ter of our na­tion, Saint Lu­cia, was at a na­tional con­ven­tion. To ex­pose your­self like that just shows what we all al­ready know, that you be­lieve you are a law unto your­self (Gryn­berg) and the rest be damned. This is noth­ing less than reck­less con­duct from a head of state.

A Prime Min­is­ter who can­not be trusted, you make a habit of go­ing back on your word time and time again. There are many ex­am­ples but let us con­sider the lat­est: one more time, no step­ping down after three years. No way. It was just some­thing you said. You are go­ing nowhere. You are stay­ing put to plunge us into fur­ther un­told mis­ery and hard­ship. Ar­ro­gance has no bounds. Our lit­tle coun­try is doomed.

Peo­ple of Saint Lu­cia, Kenny D. An­thony di­vides and rules and that weapon is guar­an­teed to keep him in power, es­pe­cially when those who sur­round him are un­able to open their mouths. Have we ever be­fore had a Cab­i­net with Min­is­ters so to­tally un­able to make any de­ci­sions on their own or to speak out against the de­struc­tive poli­cies of their leader? If we are to get the change that you say we want, then we must all unite against that con­ceited force who thinks the coun­try be­longs to him. Let us give the women a chance, let us give the young peo­ple a chance, let us give those whom Kenny hates and is fear­ful of, a chance. It is quite clear that the leader of this coun­try is with­out any cred­i­bil­ity. He says one thing to­day and the op­po­site to­mor­row. Re­mem­ber Bingo’s song, Kenny and Tony? Truer words have never been spo­ken.

How can we trust Kenny? Re­mem­ber when Richard Fred­er­ick was the most dan­ger­ous thing to ever hap­pen to Saint Lu­cian pol­i­tics? To­day Kenny ap­proves of him no end. He is be­ing fea­tured in Na­tion­wide and quoted here, there and ev­ery­where by Labour. Where is the cred­i­bil­ity? Well, he’d bet­ter know that we know that he knows that we know.

So, that was what passed for the 2014 SLP ‘con­ven­tion’. Think about it well. Who is the one who is clearly hun­gry for power? We have that ques­tion and a whole lot more for the SLP leader and Prime Min­is­ter of Saint Lu­cia. Look at the mess we are in to­day and all the SLP can send our way is their bag of dirty tricks. Fel­low Saint Lu­cians, let us come to­gether and unite against Kenny’s di­vide and rule, be­cause we are all in this mess to­gether, whether UWP, SLP or LPM.

The prime min­is­ter and leader of the SLP Kenny An­thony spewed his mes­sage be­fore party faith­ful

and in­vited diplo­mats.

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