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Rick, please don’t let this is­sue go; on be­half of all those fight­ing for jus­tice we need some­one to Raise Cain. We need some­one who is not afraid to raise their head above the para­pet, who will not be con­trolled by the pow­ers that be (al­lud­ing to a pre­vi­ous ar­ti­cle where it is sug­gested that the me­dia is con­trolled.) Good ar­ti­cle that pulls so much to­gether. Of course St Lu­cia is in trou­ble in so many ar­eas caus­ing prob­lems in all as­pects of so­ci­ety, but the tourist in­dus­try has to watch out so the Gov­ern­ment can’t keep bury­ing its head in the sand. Please don’t just light the touch pa­per and then move on to another topic!

– Anony­mous

You are cor­rect in ev­ery de­tail, Rick, and I am in to­tal support of you pub­lish­ing this ar­ti­cle even as the in­con­sis­tent po­lice com­mis­sioner de­mands an apol­ogy from the Gobats, seem­ingly obliv­i­ous of the many oth­ers, in­clud­ing our own prime min­is­ter and lots and lots of Saint Lu­cians, who be­lieve that the force is cor­rupt. The com­mis­sioner for­gets that he him­self, days ago, agreed that the bad cops in the force must shape up or ship out. Ours is a pa­thetic state (pun in­tended) of “Sa ki mor an tor!” (“Too bad for the dead!”) I’ll dis­miss as ig­no­rant and col­lud­ers any one who elects to put any spin that dif­fers from the think­ing that the lo­cal po­lice is in­deed cor­rupt—almost beyond re­pair.

– Modeste Downes

If they don’t want to find the killers they won’t!!! Just like Jane Tipp­ton years back the bul­let went miss­ing on its way to Bar­ba­dos, when every­body knew who did it. Same goes for the English woman Tris who was mur­dered and whose body was dumped on the Cap Es­tate, Blind eyes can’t see!!!

– Caribguy

In­ter­est­ing. So the Prime Min­is­ter of St. Lu­cia thinks that the lo­cal Po­lice Force is cor­rupt. Let us ei­ther thank the man for his hon­esty or his in­abil­ity to see he has opened a can of worms that he can­not shut.

– Pam Popo

The whole crime-fight­ing and in­ves­tiga­tive ap­pa­ra­tus here con­tin­ues to be a cir­cus, a con­se­quence of the ba­ton of politi­cians. Sadly it is tac­itly en­dorsed by oth­ers who know bet­ter and are in a po­si­tion to help but pre­fer to re­main silent so as to pre­serve their in­come. This ar­ti­cle, as en­light­en­ing as it is, does not even be­gin to touch on a myr­iad of in­sid­i­ous prob­lems which are re­ally at the heart of the cir­cus.

– LM

Oh well !! De­foe got theirs so they want theirs too. When Stiff Up­per Lip­pers want ac­tion they want it now, while poor peo­ple who have met sim­i­lar fate in St Lu­cia are still wait­ing for or have never got­ten their jus­tice. THE PRESS HAS MOVED ON. This was a pro­fes­sional hit; this was not the work of a sloppy Joe, so I wish them well in their quest. Ques­tion: why do you think he was as­sas­si­nated ??? Start from there and work your way down. Let’s not kid our­selves you just don’t go through life and have a hit placed on you for any rea­son. I mean like re­ally.

– King Majesty

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