The mys­te­ri­ous death of a cul­ture sales­man

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Of course any re­duc­tion in any area of crime is com­mend­able es­pe­cially as the po­lice are work­ing with one hand be­hind their back so much of the time be­cause of the des­per­ate short­age of re­sources avail­able to process and re­solve crimes. It is this short­age of re­sources that needs ad­dress­ing to­gether with the so­cial is­sues cre­at­ing an en­vi­ron­ment that breeds crime. The short­ages are not only with the po­lice but the whole jus­tice sys­tem. Des­per­ate sit­u­a­tions need des­per­ate mea­sures and it is not for the Good Lord to pro­vide th­ese.

– Anon

Rick, please note: there is nowhere in the Bi­ble which states that God help those who help them­selves. The po­lice can­not take credit for any­thing be­cause they have not done any­thing to get credit for. The peo­ple who de­serves the credit are the Bi­ble preach­ing churches on the is­land who prac­tice Prayer and Fast­ing on a weekly ba­sis in­ter­ced­ing for the na­tion about the crime sit­u­a­tion, the gov­ern­ment, the eco­nomic sit­u­a­tion, etc. Some­time last year some of those churches had a march from Bethel Taber­na­cle to the Boule­vard where Prayer was held for the na­tion. God is now an­swer­ing those prayers but un­less those wicked men in power, in­clud­ing the po­lice, hum­ble them­selves be­fore the Lord, he can­not fully solve their prob­lem nor should they take his credit for them­selves.

- Poor Peo­ple fed up!

Mr. Wayne, I so ad­mire how you ex­er­cise the free­dom of your mouth to speak bull­shit. What is dis­ap­point­ing is that you fail to ex­er­cise the free­dom of your mind to come up with vi­able so­lu­tions to the prob­lems that plague the jus­tice sys­tem.

- Tarik Leon

Mr Rick Wayne: May I kindly ask you and most in­tel­lec­tu­als as your­self what en­ables a per­son to see, hear, think, talk, walk, etc? It is quite likely that most per­sons who see this post will say what a fool­ish ques­tion be­cause they per­ceive they know the an­swer; maybe even you think so. The prob­lem for most peo­ple in this world is they think they know all things when in re­al­ity they don’t even know who they are. There­fore, how is it pos­si­ble to know that which is out­side of them­selves? If a per­son doesn’t know the source of their abil­ity, it means that they don’t know where they came from and where they are go­ing. Most things that peo­ple think they know are that which is not but they think that the things are.

- Sev­e­rian Hilein

In an­other ar­ti­cle, the Po­lice Com­mis­sioner stated that “the po­lice are called af­ter a crime has been com­mit­ted”. When do you ex­pect to be called, be­fore the crime is com­mit­ted? Peo­ple need to pay at­ten­tion to what is be­ing said, non­sen­si­cal state­ments. I care less whether you block me from voic­ing my opin­ion on this site, bunch of cow­ards, do the right thing!

- Poor Peo­ple fed up!

Very sad story.

- Poor Peo­ple fed up!

Were any bot­tles found at his be­side? There was no men­tion. No con­tain­ers con­tain­ing that sub­stance were lo­cated in that room.

- Scheran Weekes

Three things that are harm­ing St. Lu­cia to­day: Kenny, VAT and gaso­line prices. The quick fix is to get rid of Kenny; elec­tions now be­fore things get even worse.

- Doubt­ing Thomas

This is just an elab­o­ra­tion of what I have been say­ing all along but since I do not have a PhD I will not be taken se­ri­ously. Kenny is clue­less as far as what he is about to do next. The price of com­modi­ties on the shelves is sky­rock­et­ing and the poor can­not af­ford to eat; their chil­dren are starv­ing; so are the va­grants on the streets. Mr. Pre­ville is will­ing to help the gov­ern­ment be­cause of his pa­tri­o­tism and un­selfish­ness, not be­cause of pol­i­tics.

- Poor Peo­ple fed up!

The po­lice crime fig­ures re­leased by Ver­non Fran­cois (pic­tured) and his team last week have been a much

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