Restau­ra­teur ex­plains con­tro­versy

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This back and forth be­tween the bar owner and the beach ven­dor seems to be go­ing nowhere. I would ad­mit, how­ever, that there ap­pear to be is­sues in Saint Lu­cia far deeper where ven­dors and beach ven­dors are con­cerned. Th­ese can only be ad­dressed at a pol­icy level. As far as race and class is­sues are con­cerned, we can bury our heads in the sand for as long as we want and pre­tend that they do not ex­ist; the fact is, they do. If we do not stand up and deal with them, they will some day soon ex­plode in all our faces.

-John Paul What­ever you say can­not con­tra­dict the woman’s story. She would not lie. You racists have to stop mak­ing peo­ple feel good about you. Your race has a very long his­tory of abuse and geno­cide of other races. Be sure karma will visit you!

- Hulla I am not about to call any­one a false prophet but I will state that St. Lu­cia has enough air­ports, none of which are prof­itable. Mr. Prophet, put God first and not your money and quit boasting. The Psalmist says: The mouth of those that speak lies shall be stopped. Sir, take your trou­bles and af­flic­tions to the Lord and not to the press. If you do not know God get to know him to­day be­cause he an­swers prayers..

- Poor Peo­ple Fed up

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