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The Church is the door­way to all crime? Is this guy from outer space ? I agree with your first two sen­tences, but come on man.

- Ira Alexis

Crime is an in­di­vid­ual born ac­tion. To say that you are go­ing to re­duce crime is a fan­tasy, it’s a nice thought but a stupid one. If you want to re­duce crime it has to be done in­di­vid­ual to in­di­vid­ual, it is bring­ing one into en­light­en­ment of living now with­out am­bi­tion. The church is the door­way to all crime, this in­sti­tu­tion makes one re­tarded.

- Doubt­ing Thomas

Good job to the po­lice force for bring­ing things un­der con­trol with limited re­sources but, like I men­tioned be­fore, the Bi­ble-preach­ing churches need most of the credit for their con­stant prayer and fast­ing ses­sions. I got on the Com­mis­sioner’s case a few weeks past but we are ex-class mates so I can pick on him and I am sure he is not both­ered by it. We are also from the great vil­lage of Choiseul so we are pretty much friends/hom­mies….lol.

- Poor Peo­ple Fed Up

Look­ing for­ward to read­ing the long awaited out­come of the IMPACS re­port in The Star.

- Anon


Thicke over Cliff or Ham­mond for the fi­nale! Toni, I think your pre­dic­tion will def­i­nitely come true, catas­tro­phe! There’s some el­e­ment of dis­re­spect here. But I guess there’s a com­mer­cial rea­son be­hind it. Let’s hope it isn’t too late to amend it.

- Anon

Will Jimmy Cliff ever grow old? From the time I was a lit­tle boy I heard him sing and to me he is still the same.

- Dan Man


Why is it that black peo­ple al­ways call racism when they are in the wrong? As Charles Barkley said, white peo­ple are not black peo­ple’s prob­lem, black peo­ple are black peo­ple’s prob­lem. Her son is ob­vi­ously a thug and why would any­one, black or white, be­lieve a street ven­dor or the po­lice that a busi­ness­man try­ing to do the right thing spat on a woman? That is the ac­tion of an im­ma­ture per­son with a very bad at­ti­tude, and low self es­teem. Grow up Ma­ri­etta!

- Kan­isha

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