Isaac: She Never Touched The Mace!

The Star (St. Lucia) - - LOCAL - By Toni Ni­cholas

On his DBS show TALK on Thurs­day, Rick Wayne could not re­sist com­ment re­gard­ing the be­lea­guered CSA pres­i­dent and fresh­man UWP se­na­tor Mary Isaac’s shock­ing in­ter­rup­tion of Wed­nes­day’s House ses­sion.

He be­gan with the straight­faced sug­ges­tion that Fish Alphonse and Cokes & Com­pany could soon find them­selves broke and un­em­ployed, thanks to a com­edy team com­pris­ing the na­tion’s prime min­is­ter and his ever-faith­ful deputy Philip J. Pierre.

The no­to­ri­ously ir­rev­er­ent show host was clearly sur­prised when one of his first callers on Thurs­day evening turned out to be the day’s most dis­cussed per­son­al­ity, Ms Isaac. Their ex­change went some­thing like this:

RW: You know I’m a fan. Still I must ask: What the hell were you think­ing, Mary? It seemed to me what you did was equal to a stranger walk­ing into some­one’s home un­in­vited. I’m say­ing we elect guys to dis­cuss our na­tion’s busi­ness. That’s the whole point be­hind the bar­ri­cade.

Isaac: I know I was sup­posed to be in the cham­ber Rick, but I chose to sit in the gallery.

RW: There were the other routes out of the House but you chose to re­move the bar­ri­cade and did what no stranger in the House has ever done be­fore. Why didn’t you walk out­side the bar­ri­cade?

Isaac: There is not enough space around the ropes. The only other door leads to the street and I needed to ac­cess the lounge which is up­stairs.

RW: What was all that stuff you told the TV re­porters about your be­ing hun­gry? I don’t get it. Are you say­ing you were so fam­ished that you sim­ply lost it?

Isaac: Oh, I was so hun­gry. It was nine min­utes af­ter three and what hap­pened was I de­cided to wait. Some peo­ple got up and went up­stairs to the lounge to get some­thing to eat. But I waited to hear ev­ery­one speak. I got up from where I was sit­ting in the gallery only when the prime min­is­ter started closing . . .

RW: Hold on, hold on Mary, please. You are rid­ing the wrong horse here. It could turn out to be quite funny if there is no reg­u­la­tion re­gard­ing what you did. Ex­tremely funny, when you con­sider the prime min­is­ter’s state of shock de­meanor. But as bad as it was, your moon-walk­ing across the floor, the ex­cuse you gave to the press is what re­ally cracked me up. “I was hun­gry?” I mean, re­ally!

Isaac: But Rick that’s the truth; I needed food. RW: The menu up there must be pretty en­tic­ing. Isaac: It doesn’t mat­ter what they had avail­able. At that point, crack­ers would’ve been all right. I had been sit­ting there from ten in the morn­ing . . .

RW: I sus­pect we’ll be hear­ing a lot more about this.

Isaac: I don’t think so, be­cause there is no rule. It’s just con­ven­tion and pro­to­col. It is not writ­ten any­where that I was not free to open the bar­ri­cade and walk past the MPs on my way to the door that leads up­stairs to the food.

RW: You say­ing you don’t you re­spect pro­to­col?

Isaac: You have to, but if you do not know it ex­ists or that it is there . . .

RW: Why didn’t you sit in the area pro­vided for sen­a­tors, near the door be­hind the Speaker?

Isaac: Be­cause no­body was sit­ting there and when I came in. I saw [Allen] Chas­tanet and some of the other peo­ple al­ready in the gallery, and I went to say hello. When I got there it felt com­fort­able.

RW: I am say­ing this thing was re­ally quite funny and prece­dent-set­ting. Then again I sup­pose we’re go­ing to find out soon if there is a rule or law or a pro­to­col that pre­vents regular peo­ple from walk­ing around the House. If there isn’t, how funny that all th­ese years we’ve imag­ined MPs alone could do this and that when the House is in ses­sion. Why didn’t Allen ad­vise you?

Isaac: Be­cause I was sup­posed to be in the in­ner gallery.

RW: Chas­tanet must know there are spe­cial seats for cur­rent and for­mer sen­a­tors.

Isaac: No, I don’t think so. I don’t think so.

Too soon the host ended the call. But not be­fore say­ing he fully ex­pected at car­ni­val time to hear a num­ber of ca­lyp­sos en­ti­tled “Is Hunger Dat Do Me Dat.”

I can just see the plac­ards at the next protest march: “I Am Mad Wid Hunger!”

But what if it should turn out that Mary Isaac, when she did her moon-walk, was tem­po­rar­ily in­sane with hunger? What if it should turn out the CSA prezse­n­a­tor is crazy . . . pe­riod? At least she didn’t pick the Mace and toss it out the near­est win­dow!

For a re­broad­cast of Thurs­day’s TALK tune in to DBS at Mid­day Sun­day Fe­bru­ary 15.

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