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Del­ridge Flav­ius

So when will the fool­ish­ness stop? Why are so many peo­ple try­ing so hard to prove hypocrisy af­flicts only small is­lan­ders? I am re­fer­ring to the call for the re­moval of Dave Cameron as pres­i­dent of WICB. I don’t have a prob­lem with any­one call­ing for the pres­i­dent’s head, but to do so when it is well known it was the play­ers who wanted no longer to con­tinue play­ing is sim­ply ridicu­lous.

It would be un­rea­son­able for any­one to pre­tend Dave Cameron has done ev­ery­thing right. But is he the worst we’ve seen? Some of his most vo­cif­er­ous crit­ics have said he did not show lead­er­ship dur­ing the In­dia fi­asco, while oth­ers said he should have done things dif­fer­ently.

If what they mean by show­ing lead­er­ship or do­ing things dif­fer­ently is go­ing to In­dia and agree­ing to pay the re­belling play­ers US$35,000 per match day, then they re­ally have no idea what lead­er­ship or industrial re­la­tions are all about. Some have also said Cameron’s ar­ro­gance led to the can­celling of the tour. I don’t know that. But this I do know: Af­ter re­ceiv­ing the first let­ter of com­plaint, Dave Cameron called Bravo and asked to speak to the en­tire team via Skype.

Bravo turned him down. Yep, you read that cor­rectly. I also know that both the WICB and WIPA were sched­uled to go to In­dia to ad­dress the very is­sues raised in Bravo’s let­ter but had to cancel the trip be­cause Bravo and his fol­low­ers were not pre­pared to wait for their ar­rival.

Iron­i­cally, most of the damn­ing com­ments seem to be com­ing from peo­ple of a cer­tain po­lit­i­cal ide­ol­ogy. They are the same peo­ple who say the pre­vi­ous board was the best thing ever to hap­pen to West Indies Cricket. Just when I thought Ralph Gonsalves, Ralph Thorne and Pat Rosseau would be the last to shove their over­sized boots into their big mouths, we heard from a Morn­ing Rum­ble caller on 6 Fe­bru­ary, 2015 who sounded ev­ery bit like the for­mer WICB CEO. That same familiar voice had called the pro­gram a few days ear­lier and re­sponded to the name Ernest Hi­laire.

Af­ter hear­ing from th­ese four prom­i­nent in­di­vid­u­als, I was left with no doubt that they were all suf­fer­ing from an ad­vanced case of Need to Feel Im­por­tant Syn­drome. In an ear­lier ar­ti­cle, I ar­tic­u­lated why I thought the board was not

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