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Rick, what­ever hap­pens, what­ever ex­cuses we get, what­ever we think we can get away with … don’t for­get the eyes of the so-called right-think­ing in­ter­na­tional com­mu­nity are watch­ing us.

It was our in­ef­fec­tive Crim­i­nal Jus­tice sys­tem, where ev­i­dence would dis­ap­pear from po­lice cus­tody, where wit­nesses would sud­denly not ap­pear to give ev­i­dence, when lawyers seem to have an over-arch­ing say in how jus­tice should be dished out, that lead to so many crim­i­nals get­ting away with mur­der. (Yes, the pun was in­tended)

The legal sys­tem was not fit for pur­pose. Proof? So many on re­mand in our pri­son, so many cases not reach­ing court, so many crimes that went un­de­tected. Need I go on?

You know in Nazi Ger­many, it’s not the Jews that they came for first, it was those con­sid­ered phys­i­cally and men­tally dis­abled, and by the time Hitler went for the Jews they num­bered less than one per­cent of the pop­u­la­tion. A few years ago the Po­lice in Brazil were clean­ing up the slums by ex­ter­mi­nat­ing and killing run­away chil­dren.

The point I am mak­ing is to­day the drug crim­i­nals and gun-re­lated of­fend­ers who must be gunned down. Next week it’s those wish­ing not to wear yel­low or red T-shirts.

- Gale Joseph Dear Rick, of course I “can also re­spect that in­ter­pre­ta­tion”. Why not? Af­ter all, jour­nal­ists and an­a­lysts of hu­man be­hav­iour must be re­spected for their in­vi­ta­tions to the public to of­fer views on events. But I should fur­ther ex­plain my po­si­tion, since hav­ing re­sponded from my cell-phone, and from the South Amer­i­can wilder­ness, I was un­able to be more ex­plicit. Ba­si­cally, from what I have known about my coun­try’s democ­racy, there have been no Prime Min­is­ters who have asked the Po­lice to ex­tra­ju­di­cially condemn our cit­i­zens. Even when Compy went over­board and was al­leged to have com­manded the Po­lice in the val­leys to clear the roads of the strik­ing farm­ers “by any means nec­es­sary”, he de­fended him­self later say­ing that he did not sug­gest that the cops should mur­der any­one. It is my view that nei­ther Stephen­son King or Kenny An­thony would pro­pose or con­done the mur­der­ing of crim­i­nals by the Po­lice. Our democ­racy has shown bet­ter stan­dards than this. Cheers.

- Peter Lan­siquot “Blessed is the na­tion whose God is the Lord; Be­hold, the eye of the Lord is upon them that fear him, upon them that hope in his mercy” Psalm 33:12,18

- Dan Man

Why is gov­ern­ment si­lent on Lam­birds?

Toni, I be­lieve that sen­sa­tional jour­nal­ism is one thing, but NASTY jour­nal­ism is quite an­other mat­ter, and you should be minded that it is re­ally un­fair and crude on your part to craft your sen­tences in such a man­ner as to cre­ate in the minds of the public that Min­is­ter Robert Lewis has a high-handed and ar­ro­gant at­ti­tude to his staff, when noth­ing could be fur­ther from the truth. You state as fol­lows: “Sad to say, the demon­strated contempt is typ­i­cal of our ed­u­ca­tion min­is­ter who has more than once stated on TV that cer­tain mat­ters are to be han­dled by un­der­lings at his min­istry.” Of course you did not quote the word “un­der­lings” be­cause Robert would not de­scribe any­one as un “un­der­ling” but of what good use is it to your value as a re­porter to not-so­sub­tly sug­gest to the public that Min­is­ter Lewis con­sid­ers the Min­istry’s of­fi­cers to be “un­der­lings”? How does that nas­ti­ness on your part en­hance the qual­ity of your piece?

- Peter Lan­siquot Toni Ni­cholas re­sponds: Thanks for your most wel­comed com­ment but strange how you pon­dered on one word - “un­der­lings” - while ig­nor­ing the meat of the mat­ter, that to date the Min­is­ter of Ed­u­ca­tion and by ex­ten­sion the Gov­ern­ment of Saint Lu­cia has not ut­tered a word by way of ex­pla­na­tion to the cit­i­zens of Saint Lu­cia who they are sup­posed to be serv­ing on the Lambird mat­ter. I call it “contempt” and “dis­re­spect” for the peo­ple. You choose to see it the way you choose; it’s your right; af­ter all, we are still living in a democ­racy. It is sad that there has been no of­fi­cial state­ment from the gov­ern­ment on this mat­ter or from In­vest Saint Lu­cia. What­ever hap­pened to due dili­gence? Is this the same sort of screen­ing that will take place when we de­cide to in­tro­duce Eco­nomic Cit­i­zen­ship? Mr. Robert Lewis, it is time to come out and speak up on this mat­ter.

- Sherma C.

Try­ing Times Say Po­lice

I re­ally be­lieve that all of this is non­sense. The shoot­ings took placeso many years ago, the in­ves­ti­ga­tion took so long and only now is the PM try­ing to fire the Com­mis­sioner. For what rea­son? He acted on or­ders from Stephen­son King; why is he be­ing fired by an­other ad­min­is­tra­tion for some­thing that hap­pened years ago? Why have the po­lice force in so much sus­pense when they were or­dered to do the shoot­ings? The re­port should have not been made public first of all and no one should be fired when act­ing on or­ders. Kenny is prov­ing daily that he does not know what he is do­ing; the whole mat­ter is over and done; move on with the wel­fare of the peo­ple at hand; the po­lice are the ones who have your back; Mr. Fran­cois is one of the best Com­mis­sion­ers you ever had. You go ahead and fire him and see what mess you will make with the crime sit­u­a­tion.

-Dan Man

The reper­cus­sions of the rev­e­la­tions of the IMPACS re­port made by the prime min­is­ter are still on the minds of not just the po­lice but the cit­i­zens of

Saint Lu­cia.

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