Ap­tiste’s state­ments, de­mand proof that Ja­maicans in­volved with ISIS

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say it again we Ja­maican can’t join ISIS bcz we late fi ev­ery­thing if the place fi bomb up 7 am all 9 o clock wi just a left wi yard!”

“Ja­maicans might licky licky but nu so….. Dnt be­lieve that one bit…”

“As bad as things may be Ja­maicans are not so stupid to be in­volve with ISIS. Un­til I see proof then I am gonna de­fend my coun­try. We get too much bad name.”

Bap­tiste made his state­ment af­ter Marine Gen­eral John F Kelly, chief of the Miami-based US South­ern Com­mand, known as SOUTH­COM, told the US Se­nate Armed Ser­vices Com­mit­tee on March 12 that about 100 peo­ple have joined the mil­i­tant group from the re­gion.The re­port listed Ja­maica as one of sev­eral coun­tries in the Re­gion from which re­cruits have de­parted for Syria.

In re­gards to this, other fans called on the Gov­ern­ment to pro­vide a re­sponse.

“I would se­ri­ously ask my Govt to please clar­ify this. How? The same way that they can be mak­ing such ac­cu­sa­tions, they must be able to prove it with­out a shadow of a doubt,” a Face­book fan com­mented.

An­other ex­pressed: “I am amazed by this ar­ti­cle, what proof does this gen­eral have to jus­tify his state­ment and this St Lu­cian man (Bap­tiste) lab­ber­ing his mouth, where is his proof? I am fur­ther shocked by our lead­ers si­lence. Where is the min­is­ter of for­eign af­fairs r who­ever? So madam Por­tia u can’t ask the rel­e­vant ques­tions here?”

“Ja­maican au­thor­i­ties should have ask the US to pro­vide the iden­ti­ties of the Ja­maicans who they claimed to be ISIS. If the US can’t sub­stan­ti­ate their claim then that or­gan­i­sa­tion or per­son who made the claim should be sued,” an­other said.

How­ever, the Se­cu­rity Min­istry said in a re­lease on March 14 that it has been mon­i­tor­ing the emerg­ing sit­u­a­tion with re­spect to the re­cruit­ing ef­forts of ter­ror­ist groups and there is no in­for­ma­tion of any Ja­maican be­ing in­volved.

“To date, we have not re­ceived any in­for­ma­tion to in­di­cate that Ja­maicans have de­parted our shores to join ter­ror­ist groups” the re­lease added.

The min­istry went on to clar­ify the state­ment say­ing: “The fact is that, the ac­tual pre­pared text of the speech de­liv­ered by Gen­eral Kelly did not name Ja­maica, and as such it is pos­si­ble that the re­ported com­ment may be the re­sult of a mis­un­der­stand­ing. As soon as that sit­u­a­tion has been clar­i­fied an up­date will be pro­vided.”

An up­date is yet to be pro­vided.


Saint Lu­cia’s for­eign af­fairs min­is­ter Alva Bap­tiste.

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