More Ques­tions Than An­swers!

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Well Learie you don’t seem to un­der­stand how Dear ole’ Un­cle Sam works. As long as a gov­ern­ment meets their “demo­cratic ob­jec­tive” they will not care who is ran over in the process. Has Is­rael ever been con­demned for hu­man right vi­o­la­tion against Pales­tini­ans? Even when the UN seeks to do so, what does Dear Ole’ Un­cle Sam al­ways do? When they wanted Dudus they did not care how many “rights” were vi­o­lated it’ was in their demo­cratic ob­jec­tive to have him. The po­lice killings in Saint Lu­cia are viewed by them, as or­ches­trated po­lit­i­cal as­sas­si­na­tions to bol­ster a party’s im­age on fight­ing crime. Mr. Leahy would just cringe at the thought of it. When the soucier con­trols the story it’s called power, when the soucier ex­ploits it for po­lit­i­cal gain it’s called good pol­i­tics, the soucier is just mak­ing ex­is­tence on this is­land a living Hell.

Glass In Your Pri­vate Sec­tor!

Very sub­tle state­ments therein Rick … very sub­tle in­deed.

Will Fran­cois Re­turn To The Hill?

Mr. Fran­cois is the best Com­mis­sioner the Po­lice Force has ever had. This man has done noth­ing wrong. I know him per­son­ally from an early age. He is re­served, dis­ci­plined and pro­fes­sional as well and fir­ing him is not an op­tion Mr. PM. I am ad­vis­ing you to re­in­state him at the helm with­out the shadow of a doubt. Mr. Fran­cois, I am with you, do not fear what wicked men will do to you, fear not but put you trust in Je­sus. Just wait upon the Lord and see what will hap­pen to the wicked very soon. St. Lu­cians, give your lives to the Lord, re­pent of your sins, get bap­tized and find a bi­ble preach­ing church and be­come part of it.

Ladies, young men, let’s make it hap­pen and save your­selves from what is about to come into this world. The Coun­try de­serves more an­swers from the prime min­is­ter than what he has of­fered dur­ing his ad­dress to the na­tion. While men­tion has been made of the po­lice and what steps are be­ing taken to deal with those al­leged of­fend­ing of­fi­cers, there has been no word on what will be done to the cor­rupt busi­ness­men and politi­cians the re­port made men­tion of, ac­cord­ing to the prime min­is­ter.

Victory For Trouya Res­i­dents

One day the peo­ple will stop be­ing si­lent and truly re­volt when politi­cians try to rob them of ac­cess to the beaches and places of their pat­ri­mony. It is time for any party seek­ing elec­tion to make that part of its man­date and man­i­festo. Save Saint Lu­cia’s Beaches Now!

Ver­non Fran­cois: As the con­tents of the IMPACS re­port re­mains shrouded in mys­tery, so too his fu­ture

at the head of the Royal Saint Lu­cia Po­lice Force.

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