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UK Go­bat In­quest: More Bad Pub­lic­ity For Saint Lu­cia?

It hap­pens all the time in St. Lu­cia, from the Car­ni­val Vs End­less sum­mer cruise ri­vals from Chas to Butch Vs Gov­ern­ment over the Hy­att deal St. Corupt should be the name.

-S.A. DASS Af­ter read­ing this is it fair to say that it may likely be an­other Bri­tish Cit­i­zen is the one who may have or­ches­trated this man’s mur­der, and my lovely coun­try is suf­fer­ing the fall-out of such a hor­rific crime ?

-Ira Alexis I agree with you but if it was a Bri­tish Cit­i­zen lets find him & show the world who it was, the cops need help why are we not ask­ing for it?

-Carib Guy St. Lu­cia is go­ing to be on the in­ter­na­tional stage, ev­ery­one will have an op­por­tu­nity to see the ugly side of beauty.

-Kabaan Whome

St. Lu­cia PM con­demns ‘any at­tempt to over­throw’ Madura!

Venezuela is be­ing held hostage by a so­cial­ist dic­ta­tor. I can see why Kenny is in­dulging in this melee, he is at­tracted to so­cial­ism.

-Kabaan Whome

Can Broke Saint Lu­cia send Scammed Stu­dents Back to In­dia?

Look­ing at what that school was of­fer­ing as cour­ses, it would not take a ge­nius to re­al­ize that the school was bo­gus. This Gov­ern­ment only cares about VAT and any place it can scrape up coins, it is also a mas­ter of prop­a­gat­ing roro. What mess.

-Kabaan Whome

Will Fran­cois Re­turn To The Hill?

The most ef­fec­tive… ever! The place was head­ing for the crap heap in terms of qual­ity of life for St. Lu­cians. Also, the tourism in­dus­try was start­ing to buckle be­cause of real bad pub­lic­ity due to high crime. A lot of poor peo­ple (re­van­dez) are thank­ful to the man be­cause he staved off the col­lapse of the tourist in­dus­try. In essence he al­lowed them to con­tinue bring food to the ta­ble. Shucks! I wish St. Lu­cia had a dozen of him. Re­mem­ber In­spec­tor Bur­rows from Trinidad? Older Trinida­di­ans are still singing his praises…. I know that be­cause I work with a few of them.

-Pa­van Gavaskar

Can Vi­sion Com­mis­sion Light Up Kenny’s World?

Rick all I will say to that elo­quently put to­gether ar­ti­cle of yours is for my fel­low St. Lu­cians to put their trust in God and not in men be­cause men will fail you but God will never leave you nor for­sake you. It is high time to put him first, he is do­ing a new thing, turn to him for vi­sion and not men, seek him in all your ways.

--God bless St. Lu­cia!

Not a Word, not a Word, not a Word! WHY IS UWP MIA?

You know why there is not a word. As stated with cor­rec­tion this was done to bol­ster YOUR Party’s im­age on fight­ing crime, but it back­fire so stop cry­ing for me Ar­gentina.

-King Majesty

More Ques­tions than An­swers

The full re­port will be made public just be­fore the elec­tions. Ev­ery­thing is cun­ningly be­ing planned to win the elec­tion by cre­at­ing a protest vote on the emo­tions of “Op­er­a­tion Re­store Con­fi­dence”. The real crime is how this re­port is be­ing ex­ploited, how the coun­try is be­ing made vul­ner­a­ble by the in­ac­tion of this Gov­ern­ment. Kenny is toy­ing with your in­tel­li­gence, say­ing and do­ing things to paint a pic­ture while the na­tion for­gets about the “Bet­ter Days”. He has you fo­cused in anger and fear by ma­nip­u­lat­ing the re­lease of the en­tire re­port.

Saint Lu­cians at home and abroad con­tinue to weigh in on the Go­bat

mur­der case.

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