Another Woman Found Dead

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Hey, if these women were re­ally in­ter­ested in jus­tice they wouldn’t only speak out when a woman is a vic­tim or when a crime im­pacts a fe­male. There is plenty of in­jus­tice which im­pacts on us all but you all re­main silent, you all don’t lobby for there to be re­form to our jus­tice sys­tem, that cases be heard ear­lier, that so many of our youth don’t lan­guish in jail for years be­fore their cases are heard. What of the many young boys who are mo­lested and face all sorts of bias in our so­ci­ety, are they not vic­tims? This crime was a mur­der, and you would find that the ma­jor­ity of vic­tims of mur­der are young males; where is your bleed­ing heart then? These are but a few rea­sons why I could never take my­opic groups like yours se­ri­ously as you all fo­cus on nar­row is­sues for per­sonal rea­sons. The fact is, ours is a vi­o­lent so­ci­ety; if all aid and as­sis­tance is geared al­most ex­clu­sively to­wards fe­males and none to young males, you are in fact en­sur­ing that this so­ci­ety of ours be­comes more vi­o­lent and un­friendly to us all. Man, woman or child, I rec­om­mend that you all change your sex­ist ways and fo­cus on our so­ci­ety as op­posed to cry­ing only when one of your ilk is af­fected.

-Ob­ser­vor Ms Wilkin­son speaks a lot of sense. Keep ask­ing your ques­tions Madam. We all want an­swers to see jus­tice done on a timely ba­sis. It’s noth­ing less than we de­serve.


I am not sur­prised there is so much crim­i­nal ac­tiv­ity in Vieux Fort. The po­lice do not at­tend to in­ves­ti­gate and they al­low crim­i­nals to get away with crimes. The univer­sity cam­pus has been tar­geted by crim­i­nals for months now; not even a reg­u­lar pa­trol of the area by po­lice, al­low­ing crim­i­nals to be­come con­fi­dent and in­crease their crim­i­nal ac­tiv­ity in the area. My mother was at­tacked and robbed in VF two weeks ago. She is in her late sev­en­ties. We in­formed the po­lice im­me­di­ately and not one of­fi­cer has at­tended to in­ves­ti­gate or take a re­port. The po­lice are par­tially to blame as they ob­vi­ously do not take crime se­ri­ously, which this time has sadly re­sulted in mur­der.


RSLPF Pro­mo­tion Woes

I can­not agree with the writer more. Very well put. I have been Mas­sive con­grats Levern! Keep soar­ing to higher heights girl:).


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