Repa­ra­tions march rid­dled with hypocrisy

The Star (St. Lucia) - - COMMENT - By Michael A. Ding­wall

Re­cently, hun­dreds of per­sons marched in front of the Bri­tish Houses of Par­lia­ment for repa­ra­tions. I still can­not be­lieve that that those per­sons who were march­ing could be so hyp­o­crit­i­cal! I still don’t un­der­stand it; why is it that these peo­ple take such great pride in bit­ing the hand that is feed­ing them?

Look at what some of their ban­ners shouted: “We don’t want to be sub­jects with­out rights”;“Repa­tri­a­tion and Repa­ra­tions now”; “Cameron: blood deh pon your shoul­ders”; “Bri­tain, you did profit from the trans-At­lantic slave trade”. Head­lines like these were ev­ery­where. Are these peo­ple re­ally se­ri­ous?

Many of these same peo­ple aban­doned their own black home­lands in the Caribbean and Africa or are chil­dren of those who did and went to Bri­tain for a bet­ter life. In­deed, many of them gave up ev­ery­thing they had in their orig­i­nal homes and fought real hard to get to what they saw as the Bri­tish par­adise.

As such, the ban­ner preach­ing “We don’t want to be sub­jects with­out rights” seemed very odd. Were these marchers say­ing that they fled to a coun­try where they have no rights? Also, if this is true, why don’t they leave? In­deed, come to think of it, why do these marchers re­main in Bri­tain if it is such a ter­ri­ble place or if it re­ally did such ter­ri­ble things to them and their an­ces­tors? Why the hypocrisy?

There is another thing: as these marchers felt so strongly that Bri­tain was built by the slave trade, why are they con­demn­ing Bri­tain’s so-called crime and yet con­don­ing it by liv­ing in that same coun­try, us­ing its slave-got­ten wealth to bet­ter them­selves, abid­ing by its “Baby­lo­nian laws” and in­deed, strength­en­ing that same coun­try by work­ing for it?

Then there were those ban­ners de­mand­ing repa­tri­a­tion. Imag­ine, many of those marchers left their homes in the Caribbean, flew past Africa and are now liv­ing in Bri­tain. Some of them left Africa and set­tled in Bri­tain too. Now they are in Bri­tain de­mand­ing that they be sent back to Africa! I am sure a lot of Bri­tons must have been im­pressed with these marchers’ ex­cel­lent sense of di­rec­tion!

Why do they con­tinue, for in­stance, to de­mand jus­tice for their an­ces­tors and at the same time cry out when­ever Bri­tain tries to limit the num­ber of them who at­tempt to get into the coun­try – legally and il­le­gally? Why is it that if Bri­tain should ever give these same marchers a choice be­tween leav­ing the “slav­ery-built” coun­try and death, they would choose death?

It re­ally is sad that af­ter open­ing up it­self to help these peo­ple by giv­ing them an op­por­tu­nity for a bet­ter life, Bri­tain has to face the hypocrisy of these same un­grate­ful im­mi­grants! It pains me to see how Bri­tain is be­ing slapped in the face by the peo­ple it is try­ing to help!

If these peo­ple were re­ally sin­cere in their con­vic­tions about repa­ra­tions and repa­tri­a­tions they wouldn’t be liv­ing in Bri­tain – the so-called cen­tre of slav­ery and black op­pres­sion. They would have done all they could to avoid the coun­try. Alas, their hypocrisy got the bet­ter of them. What a com­i­cal bunch of dou­bletalk­ers!

Hil­lary Muham­mad, UK rep for Min­ster Louis Far­rakhan speaks out­side the

Houses of Par­lia­ment dur­ing Repa­ra­tions March.

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