A Gem of a Lady

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The Star (St. Lucia) - - LOCAL - By Michael Walker

I sup­pose that the suf­fix –ette, which denotes a small ver­sion of the orig­i­nal, might be in­ter­preted to mean that our Gover­nor Gen­eral of 18 years, Dame Pear­lette, is a tiny pearl or, as I like to think of her, a Gem of a Lady. In fact, a large pro­por­tion of Saint Lu­cia's pop­u­la­tion has never known any other Gover­nor Gen­eral.

A word of cau­tion here to the more dim-wit­ted of my read­ers; I gave an ad­dress to some stu­dents a few months back. It went well, and af­ter­wards the kids crowded around me want­ing to con­tinue dis­cussing the top­ics I had pre­sented. Their fi­nal word on my per­for­mance was that I was “Bad, Re­ally Bad!” which turned out to be the most ef­fu­sive praise pos­si­ble in the mod­ern­day ver­nac­u­lar. With this in mind I have no hes­i­ta­tion in ask­ing Frank Si­na­tra to sing Pear­lette's praises.

“She gets too hun­gry for din­ner at eight; She likes the theatre and never comes late; She never both­ers with peo­ple she hates; That's why the lady is a tramp.”

Well yes, maybe, Frank. But the re­al­ity is that Pear­lette has to eat at the most in­con­ve­nient times depend­ing on the place, venue and oc­ca­sion. She also has to meet and greet many a per­son she might oth­er­wise not want to chat to – it's her job – any­thing for the sake of the Na­tion! It is true that she en­joys the theatre but on St Lu­cia, what's to en­joy? Oh, and yes, punc­tu­al­ity is one of her many virtues.

“Doesn't like crap games with barons or earls; Won't go to Har­lem in er­mine and pearls; Won't dish the dirt with the rest of the girls; That's why the lady is a tramp.”

Of course, part of her game is to lis­ten to crap from those in high places and dress up to the nines and wear a hat when­ever a cer­e­mony re­quires it, no mat­ter what the tem­per­a­ture or hu­mid­ity. And as for ‘dish­ing the dirt' well, gos­sip­ing is some­thing she does not en­gage in.

“She likes the free fresh wind in her hair; Life with­out care; She's broke and it's ok; Hates Cal­i­for­nia, it's cold and it's damp; That's why the lady is a tramp.”

I doubt our Dame is broke, but she is cer­tainly not do­ing the job for the money. When you think of the hours she puts in ev­ery day of the year – this is no 9-to-5-job – her hourly rate of pay hovers some­where around the min­i­mum wage. Well I sup­pose Cal­i­for­nia can be cold and damp if you com­pare it to Saint Lu­cia, and I bet there are times when Pear­lette just wishes she could es­cape the stul­ti­fy­ing at­mos­phere that sur­rounds her of­fi­cial life – and I kind-a sus­pect she might want to throw it all off and go frol­ick­ing down the beach, the free, fresh wind in her hair dressed as god made her – ok, maybe not – but it's a lovely thought, the Free­dom, I mean.

“She gets too hun­gry to wait for din­ner at eight; She loves the theatre, but never comes late; She'd never bother with peo­ple she'd hate; That's why the lady is a tramp. She'll have no crap games with sharpies and frogs; And she won't go to Har­lem in Lin­colns or Fords; And she won't dish the dirt with the rest of the broads; That's why the lady is a tramp . . .”

Frank sort of lost it at this point and clearly be­came pretty rep­e­ti­tious. But when you think about it, Pear­lette's life is pretty darned rep­e­ti­tious too. I mean how many of us could live through the same cer­e­monies, the same speeches, the same cer­e­mo­nial marches, the same mind­less re­cep­tions, and the same pre­sen­ta­tions of cre­den­tials by rep­re­sen­ta­tives of for­eign del­e­ga­tions month in month out?

If I were gover­nor gen­eral I would have fallen off my chair within a week of my tak­ing of­fice. Her Ex­cel­lency Dame Pear­lette Louisy is a na­tional trea­sure, a credit to the na­tion. Her role is fraught with re­stric­tions, her ac­tions bounded by in­hi­bi­tions; her free­dom se­ri­ously cur­tailed. And yet, I sin­cerely be­lieve that with­out this lov­able Lady at the helm, this ship of state would be a much less pleas­ant place to be. Her very pres­ence must give our lead­ers cause to pause for thought be­fore their more egre­gious ex­cesses de­spite what my ‘buddy' thinks about her ap­par­ent endorsement of ‘the Chief's' poli­cies and the more flam­boy­antly ridicu­lous speeches she is ex­pected to de­liver on be­half of her pa­tron's gov­ern­ment.

As the kids would put it: She's bad, re­ally bad! And that is about as good as it gets. That's why the Lady is a Tramp!

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