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Re­viewed by Gyan­c­hand Rayman

Come Jan­uary 3rd 2016, Juelle P Cadette is re­leas­ing yet an­other fas­ci­nat­ing short story en­ti­tled 'Un­der the Mango Tree'. if you have read any of Juelle's other sto­ries such as 'Bou­tine' or 'Where was La Reine Born?' you would read­ily en­dorse my claim that Juelle pins down in words, com­plex hu­man emo­tions. She has an eye for de­tail, a sen­si­tiv­ity to the nu­ances of emo­tion, a flair for drama, and the skill to weave th­ese to­gether into the fab­ric of a cap­ti­vat­ing and mem­o­rable story. 'Un­der the Mango Tree' pro­vides am­ple demonstration of her abil­ity to tell a story like a mae­stro.

Here is a peek at the story: Jon and wife, Syl­vain, are a hap­pily mar­ried couple. Like reg­u­lar folks, they have their bliss­ful mo­ments, their do­mes­tic com­forts, but life is not static and mar­riage can­not be all honey and milk, so they too face dif­fi­cult times and have their thirst slaked with vine­gar. Af­ter some years of mar­riage the couple re­main child­less. Mis­car­riages and an un­for­tu­nate ex­pe­ri­ence de­prive them of the joy of par­ent­hood. Jon yearns for a child, to be a lov­ing fa­ther, in con­trast to the way he had been de­prived of love as a child. He be­comes dis­en­chanted with his wife los­ing her preg­nan­cies, and fears go­ing through that painful ex­pe­ri­ence which has be­come a pat­tern. Even­tu­ally, he and his wife drift apart.

But na­ture ab­hors voids. Some­thing al­ways comes along to fill a va­cant space. Thus, the stage is set for a third party to fill the gap. So en­ters Mel­lisa, an artist, and Jon in­stantly be­comes mes­mer­ized by her beauty and refreshing per­son­al­ity. The artist's lib­eral spirit ce­ment the union and the erst­while, rel­a­tive tran­quil­ity Jon had with his wife is shat­tered. Up­heaval is in­evitable, ex­plo­sions im­mi­nent. Their lives are now at risk and there is no safe way out.

The story takes a dra­matic turn, it races on, the en­ergy in­creases, and the ac­tion in­ten­si­fies as the prob­lem es­ca­lates. The reader, at this point, with bated breath will be glued to his chair and will read the story through to its fi­nal word.

Why is the story en­ti­tled 'Un­der the Mango Tree'? That is a sur­prise left for you to find out. But be as­sured that there­after, for years to come, when you see a sprawl­ing mango tree the curious thought will cross your mind: “I won­der, what's un­der that mango tree?” This is a story to de­light you. Read and enjoy!

Un­der the Mango Tree is set to be re­leased, vir­tu­ally, on Sun­day Jan­uary 3rd 2016 at www.juellep­cadette.wix. com/sto­ries. It will be free to read. You can fol­low Juelle’s jour­ney as a writer through her of­fi­cial Face­book page: Juelle P Cadette.

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