Ital­ian Woman Dies While Hunt­ing for Hid­den Cook­ies

The Star (St. Lucia) - - INTERNATIONAL - -

An 84-year-old woman in Italy had such a sweet tooth that her fam­ily wor­ried about her health, but their at­tempts to help took a tragic turn last week when she was ac­ci­den­tally killed while look­ing for a hid­den stash of cook­ies.

Ac­cord­ing to The Lo­cal, the woman suf­fered from diabetes but would not stop eat­ing sweet snacks and foods. Wor­ried about her health, her son re­port­edly took the cook­ies out of the house and hid them from her so she would not eat them. Un­daunted, the woman went look­ing for the cook­ies that she be­lieved were in the house some­where. But while she rum­maged around the house for the se­cret stash of cook­ies, she thought maybe her son had hid­den them in the wardrobe, so she went in there.

Af­ter dig­ging her way into the wardrobe, the woman re­port­edly got stuck and could not get out, and she died while trapped. Coroners later at­trib­uted the cause of death to suf­fo­ca­tion from be­ing pressed against all the coats and clothes in the wardrobe.

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