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Good for you Rick. Let them kiss it. The se­cu­rity min­is­ter should worry more about be­ing part of the prob­lem than part of the so­lu­tion. As for your pro­mot­ing vi­o­lence, hm­m­mmm, that’s an­other thing. The young men are ex­press­ing what is hid­den un­der­cover ready to ex­plode be­cause of a non-car­ing - don’t give a dam - set of clue­less lead­ers. As for vi­o­lence, while I am a firm be­liever that it solves noth­ing ex­cept cre­ate other prob­lems, a cor­nered an­i­mal will at­tack to get out of the cor­ner. Sim­i­larly, hu­mans with their backs against the wall have two choices, ad­mit de­feat lay down and die, or come out swing­ing the only way they know how or the only way those who have them backed up will un­der­stand. In the case of Saint Lu­cia, it seems to me the only thing Saint Lu­cian politi­cians re­ally un­der­stand is vi­o­lence. As they con­tinue to nur­ture a sit­u­a­tion that can only lead to a vi­o­lent up­ris­ing when it reaches its zenith and can’t be tol­er­ated by the youth and gen­eral cit­i­zenry any­more. So La­cobs bet­ter get on with dis­cussing with his col­leagues how best to defuse a de­vel­op­ing cli­mate caused by his Govern­ment’s in­ep­ti­tude and in­su­lar­ity to the plight of Saint Lu­cia’s youth, than try­ing to take down small fish in the per­son of Rick or his guests.

–John Joseph

The old say­ing goes; those who fail to lis­ten will cer­tainly made to feel. Sadly we are not pay­ing at­ten­tion to the tell tale signs of youth frus­tra­tions all around us-the graf­fiti, the Face­book rants, the tat­toos, the re­bel­lious rants and now the vent­ing on talk shows.

- Shahib.

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