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In light of a pub­lic out­cry fol­low­ing an up­surge in sex crimes and com­ments on vig­i­lante jus­tice, the Royal Saint Lu­cia Police Force this week is­sued the fol­low­ing: 30. AR­REST WITH OR WITH­OUT PROCESS FOR CRIME (1) A per­son may— (a) with or with­out war­rant or other le­gal process, ar­rest and de­tain an­other per­son whom he or she knows to have com­mit­ted an in­dictable of­fence; (b) if the other per­son, hav­ing no­tice or know­ing that he or she is ac­cused of an in­dictable of­fence (rape, bur­glary, griev­ous harm etc.), avoids ar­rest by re­sis­tance or flight or es­capes or en­deav­ours to es­cape from cus­tody, - use any force which is nec­es­sary for the ar­rest, de­ten­tion or re­cap­ture, and may kill that other per­son if that other per­son can­not oth­er­wise be ar­rested, de­tained, or re­taken by any other means. 34. REA­SON­ABLE USE OF FORCE IN SELF-DE­FENCE A per­son may use such force as is rea­son­able in the cir­cum­stances— (a) to pre­vent crime; (b) to pro­tect him­self or her­self or an­other per­son from in­jury; (c) to pro­tect him­self or her­self or an­other per­son (with his or her au­thor­ity) from tres­pass to him­self or her­self or the other per­son; (d) to pro­tect from in­jury or dam­age his or her prop­erty or prop­erty be­long­ing to an­other per­son with that per­son’s au­thor­ity. 36. FORCE TO RE­PEL TRES­PASSER A per­son in ac­tual pos­ses­sion of a house, land or ves­sel, or goods, or any other per­son au­tho­rized by him or her, may use the force rea­son­able in the cir­cum­stances as is nec­es­sary for the pur­pose of re­sist­ing a per­son who at­tempts forcibly and un­law­fully to en­ter such house, land or ves­sel, or to take pos­ses­sion of the goods.

Please note that the law makes pro­vi­sion for self de­fence. How­ever, an in­ves­ti­ga­tion must be con­ducted to prove that your ac­tions were jus­ti­fied and wi­hin the pa­ram­e­ters of the law.

Vig­i­lante jus­tice (the act of tak­ing the law into your own hands) is il­le­gal. You can­not fight crime by com­mit­ting a crime.

The Royal Saint Lu­cia Police Force en­cour­ages the cit­i­zenry to read and study the laws which govern our so­ci­ety. Great ar­ti­cle. Couldn’t have said it any bet­ter. Au­thor­i­ties take note.

– DC

Weigh­ing in on Pips’s an­tiGuyanese Re­marks!

Good friend Pierre. I com­mented a few moons ago right here when you made com­ments about that no-speak­ing-Cre­ole Chipo­tle that want move in gov­ern­ment house, and I told you per­son­ally at the time you should not take back no chat about a guy and just kick sand in a guy face and keep walk­ing. A timid politi­cian is a los­ing politi­cian. Watch Trump. There is no tidi­ness in pol­i­tics as some would like it to be (they know them­selves).

– King Majesty Was that Pip’s fee­ble at­tempt at be­ing funny by re­fer­ring to where Do­minic Fedee was born and his height? I am sure the only ones who found it funny were the hacks, not even Kenny Anthony who spent many years in Guyana, or Earl Bous­quet who wifed a Guyanese and had kids born there.

- Pon­tius

Diplo­matic Im­mu­nity- Be Care­ful What You P(r)ay For!

I do not know about any­thing be­ing paid for or prayed for, whether to Al­lah or Budda. What I do know is that the prime min­is­ter nor the min­is­ter for for­eign af­fairs is yet to show the pub­lic any doc­u­ment of prom­ise for a Di­a­betic Cen­ter from Dr. Juf­fali. What a joke. We have two new hos­pi­tals that we can­not open and we have no idea when they will be open. do you think a Di­a­betic Cen­ter is any­where in the near fu­ture? More elec­tion prom­ises and the peo­ple be­ing taken for a ride and it’s not to Saudi Ara­bia.

- Joe Blow I would like you to in­ves­ti­gate what is hap­pen­ing at a bank here, where work­ers are be­ing vic­tim­ized. It would seem like massa days ain’t done. This bank has sent home a num­ber of work­ers and in­creased the work­load of staff mem­bers who have worked at the bank for five years and more. When these work­ers can­not cope with the im­pos­si­ble bur­dens they are is­sued warn­ing letters, three of them, and then dis­missed with no com­pen­sa­tion. They tried this re­cently on one worker and the Union had to step in. They still used a tech­ni­cal­ity to sus­pend the in­di­vid­ual in ques­tion for two weeks with­out pay. This is un­con­sci­en­tion­able and needs to be in­ves­ti­gated.

– MK

Me­shach Makes Come­back

Good luck on new ven­ture Me­shach. You are one tal­ented brother and we have been wait­ing for new mu­sic from you.

– Anthea P.

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