The Hid­den Epi­demic - PCOS and your Health

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fig­ures do not con­sti­tute mere metaphor­i­cal con­nec­tions they are painstak­ingly mak­ing, but ac­tual en­act a pos­ses­sion sim­i­lar to how this ar­ti­cle frames the rise of Trump. Wy­att MacGaf­fey spoke of how Chiefs in Congo for in­stance were ex­pected to be witches, and to some­times de­vour their kins­men at night. Part of their power WAS an aware­ness of this power.

This ar­ti­cle re­minds us of th­ese se­ri­ous con­nec­tions, and what’s more is that it gives it to use as process, as part of the warp and weft of dis­as­ter that is part of the his­tory’s em­broi­dery. The Trump phe­nom­e­non, whether or not he wins the Repub­li­can epis­temic pa­ram­e­ters of our un­der­stand­ing and dis­cus­sions of it.

- Vladimir Lu­cien

What’s dif­fer­ent now to say 100 years ago? To­day we are see­ing early pu­berty, child­hood and adult obe­sity, hy­per­ac­tive dis­or­ders, a di­a­bet­ics epi­demic, and the list goes on.

I will fo­cus this ar­ti­cle on women’s health and specif­i­cally PCOS, also known as poly­cys­tic ovar­ian syn­drome.

Mil­lions of women are grow­ing up in a sea of chem­i­cals. Th­ese are found in the foods you eat, the bev­er­ages you drink and the en­vi­ron­ment around you. Your grand­moth­ers and great grand­moth­ers never faced this threat of chem­i­cals, most of which were de­vel­oped af­ter World War II.

Younger women have been ex­posed to th­ese from the womb.

Th­ese chem­i­cals are called en­docrine dis­rup­tors, and they are all around us from the chem­i­cals found in pes­ti­cides such as your mos­quito spray to the as­par­tame found in diet coke.

Th­ese chem­i­cals are hid­den dan­gers to your ovaries, thy­roid, fer­til­ity and over­all health.

The fact that many peo­ple are not aware of th­ese chem­i­cals, which are of­ten not prop­erly marked on prod­uct la­bels, make peo­ple more vul­ner­a­ble by al­low­ing th­ese chem­i­cals en­try to their bod­ies.

En­docrine dis­rup­tors af­fect the way the body works, and im­pair many as­pects of fe­male re­pro­duc­tion.

PCOS is one hor­monal dis­or­der that is on the rise; around one in seven women has PCOS. Di­ag­no­sis is usu­ally made by ul­tra­sound images of mul­ti­ple small cysts around the ovaries, although you can have PCOS with no cysts present. Com­bined with hor­monal im­bal­ance, par­tic­u­larly an in­crease in male hor­mones, of­ten re­sults in fa­cial and breast hair..

Those with PCOS may have ir­reg­u­lar men­strual cy­cles and prob­lems con­ceiv­ing as well as weight gain strug­gles.

PCOS is closely re­lated to di­a­betes - women will have im­paired glu­cose tol­er­ance, sim­i­lar to a per­son with di­a­betes,

Be­ing di­ag­nosed with PCOS can also in­crease your chances of de­vel­op­ing type 2 di­a­betes later on in life and this may well be a con­tribut­ing fac­tor to the rise of di­a­betes in Saint Lucia.

Take charge of your health and fer­til­ity to­day. Avoid pro­cessed foods, avoid BPAs found in plas­tic, MSG of­ten found in sauces, as­par­tame found in sweet­en­ers, and re­search to find out more about harm­ful chem­i­cals in your en­vi­ron­ment. Raise aware­ness of friends and fam­ily and live as chem­i­cal-free a life as pos­si­ble.

Char­lotte Byrne - Di­rec­tor and Fer­til­ity Ther­a­pist Prac­ti­tioner at The Nat­u­ral Fer­til­ity Cen­ter St Lucia, Rod­ney Bay

Are women aware of the chem­i­cals that are hid­den dan­gers to their ovaries, thy­roid, fer­til­ity and over­all health?

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