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has frit­tered it away. It spends fool­ishly, mak­ing peo­ple in­creas­ingly de­pen­dent, not in­de­pen­dent.

As an­other gen­eral elec­tion looms, will it an­swer the peo­ple’s cries? The gov­ern­ment is de­ter­mined to con­tinue its old ways, wast­ing peo­ple’s taxes. Wastage suit­ably de­scribes the man­age­ment style of the SLP gov­ern­ment.

One won­ders how long the UWP will take to elim­i­nate VAT in Saint Lu­cia. In Trinidad one did not have to wait long for an an­swer. Within weeks of a change of gov­ern­ment, a new bud­get at­tacked VAT, re­duc­ing it on some food items.

Saint Lu­cia needs to abol­ish VAT com­pletely. When ci­ti­zens con­trib­ute eq­ui­tably ac­cord­ing to their means, eco­nomic and so­cial progress moves at a faster pace.

It would be in­ter­est­ing to see elec­tion ban­ners and stick­ers say­ing: “Jail the thieves!” Or “No more bull, No More Lies.” The ques­tion arises: Are there any within the SLP red brigade (en rouge?) with the go­nads to say, “To hell with the multi-faceted clown prince.” Who will put coun­try be­fore party? Does any­one in the SLP have the go­nads to call a spade a spade? When will the lies and bluff end?

The eco­nomic news from Saint Lu­cia is less “funny” than re­gret­table. It ex­poses the medi­ocrity and bad man­age­ment of the SLP lead­er­ship. Of­fer­ing tem­po­rary STEP jobs in­stead of teach­ing un­skilled work­ers new skills for a better fu­ture is a crime cry­ing to heaven for vengeance. Per­pet­u­at­ing the pat­tern of the plan­ta­tion econ­omy built on cheap labour and an ig­no­rant work­force is still the pre­ferred model.

Per­sis­tent dark­ness will be the legacy of a gov­ern­ment that has lost its com­pass and sold its prin­ci­ples to rich Saudis. Peo­ple must wake up lest VAT, the Gryn­berg con­tract, the se­cret ap­point­ment of Saudi am­bas­sadors, IMPACS and cor­rup­tion in off-shore leave oth­ers laugh­ing.

I was amused while ob­serv­ing the SLP at­tempt­ing to steal UWP legacy. The SLP gen­u­flects at the stone im­age of John Comp­ton in Con­sti­tu­tion Park. Some SLP be­lieve that peo­ple have short mem­o­ries and that they can lie to the elec­torate again and again and hope to get back in gov­ern­ment. Per­haps the last thing on the minds of the suffering peo­ple is that they are be­ing fooled again. The SLP still be­lieves its party hacks will say and do what­ever they are told.

One is tempted to ask whether the for­mer UWP lead­er­ship had mis­cal­cu­lated the erec­tion of the stone mon­u­ment. The shame­ful at­tempts by the SLP lead­er­ship to frat­er­nize with the de­ceased Sir John Comp­ton, whom they had so de­spised in his life­time, must have turned many stom­achs. Did any­one take the SLP leader’s re­marks on the oc­ca­sion se­ri­ously?

Fi­nally, the UWP can­not af­ford to be back in its at­ti­tude to the is­sues that mat­ter to the ci­ti­zens of Saint Lu­cia. It must stand up and de­fend its record of achieve­ments in the so­cial and eco­nomic ad­vance­ment of our na­tion. Visit our web­site at www.stlu­ci­as­ and tell us how you think Saint Lu­cians will vote in the up­com­ing Gen­eral Elec­tion on June 6 2016

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