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By Har­vey Cenac

All re­li­gions in the his­tory of the world have made use of sym­bol­ism, for ev­ery re­li­gious move­ment has at­tempted to ex­press man’s ba­sic ex­pe­ri­ence of the holy and the tran­scen­dent. Saint Lu­cians find them­selves at the cross­road of hav­ing to ac­knowl­edge their re­li­gious holy day, the Sab­bath Day, which has now been set aside for Nom­i­na­tion Day,. Satur­day is here the Sab­bath day for ap­prox­i­mately 35,000.

And hav­ing to go to the polls on June 6, 2016, which they have come to in­ter­pret af­ter the book of Rev­e­la­tion 13:18, which speaks about the mark of the beast and the sym­bol 666. June, the 6th month of the year, on the 6th day of the month, in the year end­ing in the num­ber 6.

To some, what a dark day in Saint Lu­cia’s his­tory re­gard­ing the gov­ern­ment in this elec­tion year, hav­ing to deal with the sacred, the holy and the un­holy.

Sym­bolic com­mu­ni­ca­tion is, in great part, the prod­uct of pro­jec­tive or creative imag­i­na­tion, en­cod­ing or trans­form­ing psy­chic ex­pe­ri­ence. There is the need to ex­plain a lit­tle per­spec­tive and give the mean­ing of the word Sab­bath.

The Sab­bath Day is tech­ni­cally Satur­day, which is the seventh day of the week. In our cul­ture, Sun­day, the first day of the week, is most of­ten con­sid­ered to be the Sab­bath.

In Rev­e­la­tion 1:10, Sun­day is re­ferred to as “the Lord’s Day” so it be­came the reg­u­lar day of wor­ship for the early Church as a per­pet­ual cel­e­bra­tion of the Lord’s res­ur­rec­tion, which took place on a Sun­day. His­tor­i­cally, then, Sun­day took on Sab­bath sig­nif­i­cance and, while it doesn’t tech­ni­cally re­place Satur­day as the Sab­bath, it can be ob­served as a Sab­bath. In Ro­mans 14:5, Paul wrote: “One man con­sid­ers one day more sacred than an­other; an­other man con­sid­ers ev­ery day alike. Each one should be fully con­vinced in his own mind.”

Pro­hi­bi­tions for Sab­bath ob­ser­vance in­cluded a per­son not be­ing al­lowed to throw hot wa­ter be­cause that was con­sid­ered to be clean­ing. A per­son was not al­lowed to wear false teeth be­cause they would be tempted to pick them up if they fell out of their mouth and that was con­sid­ered to be car­ry­ing a load. A per­son would be al­lowed to spit on a rock but not on the ground be­cause the spit may cre­ate a tiny fur­row in the soil and this was con­sid­ered to be plow­ing.

In 1611, a set of laws and statutes was adopted by the Jamestown set­tle­ment of Vir­ginia and, ac­cord­ing to His­tory of Amer­i­can Law (Lawrence Fried­man), ev­ery Vir­ginia min­is­ter was re­quired to read “Ar­ti­cles, Laws and Or­ders” to his con­gre­ga­tion ev­ery Sun­day and, among other things, parish­ioners were re­minded that fail­ure to at­tend church twice each day was pun­ish­able in the first in­stance by the loss of a day’s food.

Vir­ginia law in 1662 re­quired ev­ery­one to report “dili­gently to their par­ish church” on Sun­days “and there to abide or­derly and soberly”.

Acts of ne­ces­sity are al­ways per­mit­ted and en­cour­aged. In the book of Mark 2:23-27 we could con­clude that there are two things that can take place on the Sab­bath. One is acts of ne­ces­sity and the other is acts of mercy, which are al­ways per­mit­ted and en­cour­aged ac­cord­ing to Mark 3:1–6.

Also, we must ask the ques­tion, what is the pur­pose of the Sab­bath? Firstly it is re­mem­brance and se­condly it is rest. The idea of the Sab­bath is as much a day of rest as a day of re­mem­brance.

Re­mem­brance in that God com­pared the Sab­bath to a time of slav­ery and how he de­liv­ered the He­brews out of slav­ery (Deuteron­omy 5:12–15 and Ex­o­dus 20:-11) and they were then told to rest.

The prin­ci­ple of the Sab­bath: it is not about a “day” be­cause the ul­ti­mate rest is in Christ (Col 2:16-17, He­brews 4:11).

We must take the full coun­sel of scrip­ture and look at the New Tes­ta­ment: the Sab­bath that is vir­tu­ally non-ex­is­tent (John 20:19, 1 Cor 16:2, Rev 1:10, Acts 20:7).

Now let me pose a ques­tion to my fel­low Chris­tian friends. What would Je­sus Christ do on Nom­i­na­tion Day? I would like to think he would ren­der unto Cae­sar the things that are Cae­sar’s. There is noth­ing wrong with the gov­ern­ment of Saint Lu­cia sched­ul­ing Satur­day as Nom­i­na­tion Day.

Now re­gard­ing June 6, 2016, Saint Lu­cia need not worry. In 1981 Amer­i­cans chose a pres­i­dent with the name Ron­ald Wil­son Rea­gan. Ron­ald (6 letters) Wil­son (6) Rea­gan (6). Was he the beast? We all know he was one of Amer­ica’s most loved pres­i­dents. It was all a myth, just as spec­u­la­tion over the date June 6, 2016 is a myth.

My ques­tion to you is what are your val­ues? You should value your vote and vote your val­ues!

Har­vey Cenac, chief vi­sion­ary of­fi­cer for Seed Foun­da­tion Inc. has over 15 years’ ex­pe­ri­ence as an en­tre­pre­neur, coach and strate­gic com­mu­ni­ca­tor. His back­ground in­cludes ex­pe­ri­ence in the United States and the Caribbean. He is also the co-au­thor of the book “Walk­ing with Gi­ants”.

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