Allen Chas­tanet Sworn in as Saint Lucia’s New Prime Min­is­ter

The Star (St. Lucia) - - COMMENT -

I be­lieve Allen can never feel the pain and mis­ery of the poor as he has never known want or poverty. I never wanted Allen for my PM and I hoped that the party would win but he would lose so he didn’t be­come PM. How­ever, the peo­ple of Mi­coud made a choice. A wise one as among the can­di­dates for that con­stituency he was the bet­ter in many re­spects. Now between Kenny Barnard and Allen whose fam­ily has built their for­tune on the backs of the poor? Slave own­ers and fi­nally plan­ta­tion own­ers to now hote­liers are the Barnards, or so I learnt from way back when. Is is true? Is it doc­u­mented fact? Now where did Michael start? His story is in­ter­est­ing, to say the least, but while I per­son­ally have my gripes with him, I must say I ad­mire his guts. As for Allen, well an­other story, but I say bet­ter him than Kenny any day. – Padre Joe

Allen did noth­ing but help all the poor peo­ple. Kenny took from the poor and sent taxes up on ev­ery­one so how can you say he was bet­ter? The tax was not needed; we just need the politi­cians to quit steal­ing from ev­ery con­tract and spend the money wisely and this coun­try will be a whole bet­ter. Ev­ery con­tract let on the is­land would be 30-40% higher than what it should have cost. You tell me this is not steal­ing form Lu­cians and the poor? – Sir Mark

Fact: Huge losses in the now de­funct Rum and Wine Tast­ing Fes­ti­val.

Fact: Huge losses at Jazz 2009 and 2010; also the mis­use of tourism funds to pro­mote and en­ter­tain Amy Whi­ne­out. Fact: The mo­nop­o­liza­tion of gro­ceries im­ported and su­per­mar­ket chains in Saint Lucia for years re­sult­ing in re­sound­ing hard­ship for the work­ing class and poor Saint Lu­cians who find it dif­fi­cult to pro­vide the ba­sic ne­ces­si­ties for fam­i­lies who do not have the lux­ury of a bar­rel or re­mit­tance com­ing from friends and fam­ily over­seas.

Now with all these fis­cal fail­ures with state funds he is now fit to lead? In or­der for one to reach the peak of the moun­tain, one has to walk through a val­ley. What, where and which val­ley has Allen Chas­tanet walked through ? – King Majesty

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