Did Je­sus Ever Claim to be God?

The Star (St. Lucia) - - LOCAL - By Simeon James

Did Je­sus ever claim to be the Almighty God? Ac­cord­ing to John 3:16, Je­sus re­ferred to him­self as God's ‘only be­got­ten SON'. Other Scrip­tures where Je­sus re­ferred to him­self as God's Son in­clude John 5:19, 20, 25, and John 10:36. Je­sus apos­tles and dis­ci­ples knew Je­sus as God's Son, NOT as God. Je­sus even blessed Peter for ac­cu­rately rec­og­niz­ing who he re­ally is - God's Son.

Con­sis­tently, the Bi­ble refers to Je­sus as ‘Son of God' or ‘God's Son' - NEVER as ‘God the Son', be­cause Je­sus is NOT God but God's SON. No won­der that Je­sus said at John 20:17 that the Almighty is his Fa­ther and his GOD. Why would Je­sus have a GOD if he him­self were God?

At Mark 13:32, why did Je­sus say that he did not know when the day or hour the world will end but only his Fa­ther knows? If Je­sus were God, would he not have known when the world would end? If Je­sus is God, why did he say at John 14:28 that his Fa­ther is GREATER than him?

The fact is: Je­sus is the SON of God. This is a very im­por­tant fact to know ac­cord­ing to John 17:3. Let us not be fooled by any twist­ing of the Scrip­tures to be­lieve in a mysterious three-in-one God, an idea that came from Pa­gan na­tions such as Egypt, Assyria, and Baby­lon, whose peo­ple wor­shiped three-in-one false gods.

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