“Me Be­fore You” by Jojo Moyes

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Icould di­rect you to a mil­lion ro­mance nov­els that would maybe end the same but, “Me Be­fore You” by Jojo Moyes is just not quite the same. Each char­ac­ter is ec­stat­i­cally writ­ten to con­trib­ute in this per­fect story. Louisa Clarke lives a very ba­sic life and faces nor­mal prob­lems that you and I both can re­late to. She has a di­verse per­son­al­ity, a lit­tle of a clown hon­estly, but she has a great deal of re­spon­si­bil­ity when she is given the task to sup­port her fam­ily. Louisa longs for a stable job that would also give her a stable bank ac­count which she des­per­ately needs. This is where boy is in­tro­duced; Will Traynor who I would say ba­si­cally con­quered the world on a day to day ba­sis but is now re­tired by force. The per­fect guy you’re searching for is def­i­nitely with­out a doubt Will Traynor, ad­ven­tur­ous, smart, charm­ing and the list could go on for­ever. Though, in­vol­un­tary, Will is given a life where he is now strapped to a wheel­chair with strict rou­tines and an end­less bore­dom. Will be­comes ex­ces­sively moody and trea­sures his soli­tude. He be­lieves he has had the per­fect life and re­fuses now to ac­cept his new life which was force­fully handed to him.

Louisa nick­named Lou, learns a very heart­break­ing se­cret of Will’s and starts to refuse be­ing his babysit­ter al­though she re­al­izes that Will’s hap­pi­ness is more sig­nif­i­cant to her than she an­tic­i­pated it to be. Lou is given a six month dead­line and the re­spon­si­bil­ity to en­sure Will is ex­cited about liv­ing life like he used to, if not, bet­ter. Lou thinks of it all with her master plan­ner of a sis­ter and is de­ter­mined to bring the ex­hil­a­ra­tion and will­ing­ness to live back to Will, who seems to have lost sense of it all. Will’s hap­pi­ness is now Lou’s one and only pri­or­ity, she re­fuses to ac­cept the fate Will has de­cided for him­self. Will finds him­self grow­ing into the idea that Lou is happy to make him happy, which is some­thing for­eign to him ever since his life changed, for the worst. This puts Will into an even greater con­tra­dic­tion. He longs to keep Lou happy how­ever he finds dif­fi­culty in grasp­ing the idea of him liv­ing in a chair for the rest of his life.

The novel in­cludes sto­ries other than Will and Louisa’s, so it’s not a monotonous ro­mance. Every sen­tence and word is a win­dow to the cre­ativ­ity of Moyes’ mind. There’s thrilling ad­ven­ture, deep in­sight on the char­ac­ters and a wealth of wis­dom. I per­son­ally en­joyed every sec­ond spent read­ing this master­piece. Not only is this book con­sum­mately writ­ten but thought was given to the pre­sen­ta­tion as well. The book’s cover has vel­vety fin­ish which makes it difficult to put down. Again, you will love ev­ery­thing about this book if you’re in­ter­ested in a new twist on ro­mance books. Jojo Moyes is with­out a doubt an in­ge­nious au­thor!

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