More se­rial rapists in our midst!

The Star (St. Lucia) - - COMMENT - By Joan of Arc

The hand held alarm has been sounded. Some­one has char­tered into for­bid­den ter­ri­tory. But it is the guardian of the gate. The bell is rung so softly, that no one re­ally re­alises the depths at which he has grasped. An alarm is ring­ing in Dis­trict Four. Who is guard­ing the gates? Who is to hold the guardian of this sec­ondary school ac­count­able for his ac­tions? Or is it that some are im­mune from any kind of ques­tion­ing?

Of course, some will re­fute . . . or try to re­fute the truth. This, af­ter all, is Saint Lu­cia where some are more equal than oth­ers. Poor po­lice of­fi­cers. The wool has been pulled so of­ten over their eyes they are now be­gin­ning to look like sac­ri­fi­cial lambs. Trust me, our ed­u­ca­tion sys­tem is plagued by preda­tors. This is our re­al­ity.

A prin­ci­pal who uses his school as his per­sonal lit­tle whore­house has been caught with his pants in the wrong place. He is sup­pos­edly un­der in­ves­ti­ga­tion. But by whom? Who will bell this cat? His harem in­cludes stu­dents and teach­ers. So much non­sense about “un­eth­i­cal be­hav­iour not sex­ual mis­be­haviour.” We are such con­don­ing hyp­ocrites. Any­one else in his sit­u­a­tion would be in some place with fae­ces on the walls; hung out to dry.

Not so long ago a male teacher from Dis­trict 2 was caught in the act with a stu­dent in a park­ing lot of a build­ing. This teacher had been trans­ferred from an all-girls school where he had im­preg­nated a stu­dent. Guess why they called him the candy man!

The back­ground of this lat­est im­mune prin­ci­pal is no dif­fer­ent. When he was still a young teacher he was charged with giv­ing lessons to a young, beau­ti­ful and very vul­ner­a­ble pri­mary level stu­dent. She ended up preg­nant at fif­teen. He ac­tu­ally started liv­ing with her. In­cred­i­ble, you say? Fact is truly stranger than fic­tion. My story is doc­u­mented—un­less there’s been a fire at VH, the record should be there.

In­stead of some heavy rep­ri­mand the im­preg­na­tor of an un­der-age stu­dent was pro­moted and trans­ferred to an­other school es­pe­cially fa­mous for its vul­ner­a­ble young girls. It is said there was re­joic­ing when he was trans­ferred from the pri­mary school. But one woman’s meat can be an­other’s poi­son, as we have seen. It seems the pow­ers that be are per­form­ing jug­gling acts. We are in “a na­tion turned up­side down, passed from one clown to an­other.”

Why are peo­ple not out­raged? This cul­prit presents him­self as a paragon of virtue, to the ex­tent that he makes fun of other peo­ple’s se­crets, all to jump-up mu­sic. I plead with the me­dia, Teach­ing Ser­vice Com­mis­sion (I’m told they are yet to re­ceive the lat­est case), ju­di­cial work­ers; please do your re­search! Stu­dents, teach­ers, the DEO and the pub­lic have raised their voices. But who’s lis­ten­ing? Not the CEO, who is his friend and who de­cides when enough is enough!

Don’t ex­pect peo­ple to come for­ward. Don’t ask them to demon­strate or mount marches and ral­lies. Our na­tion begs the af­flicted not to break their si­lence on mat­ters of sex­ual abuse. But who pro­tects the vic­tims? I can hear cer­tain voices: “Th­ese young girls hot.”

The in­for­ma­tion is there. The news is on the ground. With a lit­tle ef­fort you will get eye wit­ness ac­counts, pic­tures, the names of ho­tels and guest houses, re­ceipts, bar tabs and more. “The gates have been breached!”

Have we nor­malised the ab­nor­mal in Saint Lu­cia? Some in­sist we’ve ar­rived at the point of no re­turn, with our young cit­i­zens be­ing the eas­i­est prey!

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