When Ms Looshan met Harry . . . or was it his Dad?

The Star (St. Lucia) - - LOCAL - By Missy La­neous

From time to time I suc­cumb to the temp­ta­tion to visit the swamp known as “so­cial me­dia”, de­spite that there’s noth­ing you might dream up more anti-so­cial. It’s my job, you un­der­stand. And some­times it in­volves go­ing where an­gels fear to tread. You never know when what ap­pears to be the drop­pings of some biped with wings will lead to a gem of a story.

The cur­rent hot thing on Caribbean so­cial me­dia is the BIG VISIT. Yes, I’m talk­ing about the im­mi­nent ar­rival here of the fresh­est of princes. Nah, not the one from Bel-Air. I re­fer to Mr. Cool him­self. Mr. Hot Pants. Mr. wannabe Usain Bolt: Prince Harry.

Saint Lu­cia was treated to a visit from Harry’s fa­ther, Prince Charles, in 2008. Back in the day nearly every­one re­ferred to him as Char­lie. Which isn’t as cute as you might think—if you know what it is to be called a real Char­lie. The story goes that Prince Charles had him­self a won­der­ful time at a Govern­ment House party in his hon­our. Trust me, Char­lie boy en­joyed Saint Lu­cian hos­pi­tal­ity to the full ex­tent.

And now, as if his­tory were re­peat­ing it­self, there’s more talk about Looshan ladiesin-wait­ing than about Harry’s of­fi­cial itin­er­ary. Like fa­ther like son, you say? By all I’ve read on FB and else­where, the old boy in his prime couldn’t hold a can­dle to his son, when it comes to made-for-so­cial me­dia ex­tra-cur­ric­u­lar ex­ploits. I am sure this time around ev­ery hair-swing­ing bach­e­lorette will at­tempt to lose her shoe to be­come Prince Charm­ing’s next Cin­derella.

But tread care­fully dear Looshans, un­less of course you want to find your­self the cen­tre of some anony­mous story on some on­line pa­per. Then again, who knows where a telling pic­ture of you near Harry might lead? Did I hear “de movies?” Stranger things have hap­pened, right?

Speak­ing of roy­alty: we had a spe­cial visit this week, al­beit with­out fan­fare. Alas, the way he fum­bled his words while in-house left a lot to be de­sired. Not that his re­gal­ness cares all that much. Last I heard he was fi­nal­is­ing plans to lose him­self in the Big Ap­ple. Lost you? Never mind, Harry’ll soon be here. And he, af­ter all, is the real McCoy!

Adios un­til next time . . .

The gin­ger-haired prince has been voted the world’s hottest male royal!

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