If I ruled the world

Mus­ings are thoughts, the thought­ful kind. For the pur­pose of these ar­ti­cles, a-mus­ings are thoughts that might amuse, en­ter­tain and even en­lighten.

The Star (St. Lucia) - - LOCAL - By Michael Walker

Most days, I try to help my young-but-opin­ion­ated, twin grand­sons with their Ger­man and English. They at­tend school in Swe­den. I asked them to write a few lines en­ti­tled “If I ruled the world.” One wrote:

If I ruled the world, I would fo­cus on health care and I would try to stop wars caused by peo­ple or re­li­gion. I would try to help peo­ple in need and I would try to make sure ev­ery­body was treated the same be­cause our world has got­ten out of hand. Peo­ple are los­ing their homes for stupid rea­sons. The cops are not do­ing the jobs they are given, and peo­ple are just us­ing each other for their own suc­cess in­stead of try­ing to help each other. I would try to make the world into a bet­ter place for ev­ery­body, not just for a few, but for the whole world. I would try to help peo­ple who can't get heath care and peo­ple who are suf­fer­ing from sick­ness. I would try to cure can­cer.

At the same time I re­ally don't wanna rule the world, be­cause I couldn't man­age to take care of 7.4 bil­lion peo­ple and I wouldn't have time to see the peo­ple I love, and I wouldn't man­age to see what we hu­mans have done to this world, all the chaos and how Na­ture is slowly dy­ing on us be­cause we don't know how to take care of it. But to be to­tally hon­est I think we don't need some­one to con­trol our lives if we just put our minds to it and take away the peo­ple who are mak­ing this world into a bad place. We don't need any­body to con­trol us. All we need is to think straight and know what we are gonna do with our lives. In­stead of wast­ing our time on our­selves we should con­cen­trate on oth­ers so ev­ery­body can feel happy help­ing each other, and also save the world slowly but surely. If we slowly save the world we will also slowly save the an­i­mals where their habi­tat has been taken away from them by us. With­out the an­i­mals we wouldn't sur­vive. We need their meat, but not only that, who is gonna help us pol­li­nate the plants? Who is gonna make us happy? All I re­ally want is to make the world into a bet­ter place for ev­ery­body, and that's what I would do if I was Leader of the World.

And the other wrote: If I ruled the world, I would let all coun­tries keep their pres­i­dents or roy­alty but I would re­move dic­ta­tor­ships com­pletely. I would also try my best to re­move all con­flicts be­tween re­li­gions and coun­tries by hav­ing con­se­quences for try­ing to start a con­flict or in­vad­ing an­other coun­try. I'd le­gal­ize weed so it could be sold for med­i­cal use by phar­ma­cies. If caught with stronger il­le­gal drugs you would be sen­tenced to 20 years in prison. Also I would de­stroy drug trans­port (the il­le­gal kind) by re­mov­ing all drug lords by mak­ing them sur­ren­der their goods. If not, as­sas­si­na­tion would be used to re­move them. I would also make schools have to have a min­i­mum of 2 hours' to­tal break (in­clud­ing lunch time) ev­ery day (ex­cep­tions would be school events). I would also grant ev­ery­one free ed­u­ca­tion and a law stat­ing that all chil­dren must go to school. I would make child mar­riage il­le­gal. Any­one who mar­ries a child or has sex with a child will be ex­e­cuted. Pae­dophilia will also be il­le­gal (and if caught would lead to ex­e­cu­tion).

I would de­stroy ISIS by re­mov­ing all gun trad­ing into the coun­try and send­ing in mil­i­tary forces. Re­mov­ing poverty will be one of my big­gest goals and I would achieve that by a spe­cial 5% tax on all in­come and with that money I would cre­ate more jobs that re­quire low ed­u­ca­tion. I would also re­move one of In­dia's big­gest prob­lems, the caste sys­tem. I would also make pros­ti­tu­tion il­le­gal in all coun­tries. Also forc­ing chil­dren into be­com­ing a ve­gan or veg­e­tar­ian will be 100% il­le­gal, and would lead to re­mov­ing the child from the cus­tody of their par­ents or guardians (un­less they want to stay). I would also shut down ev­ery food com­pany that lies about what is in its sup­plies by ly­ing about what chem­i­cals are in its prod­ucts.

Af­ter I've done all this I would go to Amer­ica and try to re­move all racism. By that I mean I would ed­u­cate all gen­er­a­tions to come, about their an­ces­tors and what they did, and ex­plain to them how bad racism is. I would also track down all KKK mem­bers and make them go through some ther­apy or make them change their ways. I would le­galise gay mar­riage ev­ery­where in the world and stop all anti gay move­ments.

I would also fo­cus on bees and change our ways of farm­ing. The bees are dy­ing be­cause we don't have enough vari­a­tion on our crops. I would also change the ways we treat an­i­mals. If you are caught abus­ing an an­i­mal you will be pun­ished in the ex­act same way as you hurt the an­i­mal. So if you kick a dog you get kicked too, or if you kill your dog you will be ex­e­cuted too. I would also re­move all en­dan­gered an­i­mals from zoos and take them out of reach of us hu­mans. That's all I could think of so that's it for me.

Amaz­ing what kids come up with, isn't it? Or is it?

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