Is Black self­es­teem at root of Gandhi con­tro­versy?

The Star (St. Lucia) - - LOCAL - By Michael A Ding­wall

Here we go again, call­ing for the re­moval of a statue of an im­por­tant his­tor­i­cal per­son, just be­cause of an al­leged racist state­ment. Some of us in Africa are de­mand­ing that the statue of the Fa­ther of mod­ern In­dia, Ma­hatma Gandhi, be re­moved be­cause he sup­pos­edly said some bad things about us, black peo­ple. Of course, that this call by some of us flies in the face of our sup­posed re­spect for the opin­ion of oth­ers, Gandhi in­cluded, was not bad enough; we are once again telling the whole world that when oth­ers speak un­flat­ter­ingly of our abil­i­ties we must al­ways make a big deal about it—even if it in­volves a sledge­ham­mer and an egg.

It never ceases to amaze, how sen­si­tive we be­come when oth­ers say we are an in­fe­rior race and how many of us de­light in putting down other races. Some of our own black icons, like the renowned an­tiSemite, Louis Far­rakhan and the anti-white racist Mar­cus Gar­vey, are revered by us blacks. So why can’t we just let these sup­posed anti-black racists be? I won­der if the real rea­son some of us get so hot un­der the col­lar when oth­ers tell us we are in­fe­rior is we think that they could be right. Do we se­cretly think that anti-black racists are telling the truth when they tell the world we blacks are no good?

You know, when white peo­ple are told that they are no good, they can laugh off the at­tack com­fort­ably be­cause they can al­ways point to their great ac­com­plish­ments in the sci­ences and the huge em­pires that they built. The same is true of the Chi­nese, Japanese and In­di­ans. So why can’t we laugh off the sup­posed racists at­tacks of oth­ers when they say that blacks are a race of good for noth­ings?

Is it be­cause all we can point to as our great achieve­ments is only a list of en­ter­tain­ers such as ath­letes, mu­si­cians, church lead­ers and talk-show hosts? Is it be­cause while oth­ers can point to their great sci­en­tists, we have none to show off?

I al­ways say, and will al­ways be say­ing, that if we have even an ounce of sel­f­re­spect, and if we truly be­lieve that we are a great peo­ple, then no amount of sup­posed racist in­sults will ever get us so an­gry, as in the case of that Gandhi statue.

I sup­pose that it is true what they say: “if you throw a stone in a pig’s sty, only the pigs that get hit will al­ways squeal!”

As a race, we re­ally do need to grow up and learn to ignore racist in­sults like the ones Gandhi sup­pos­edly made. Let the dead man be!

Was the fa­ther of mod­ern In­dia a racist, as so many in Africa are claim­ing?

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