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In his well known idio­syn­cratic take-no pris­on­ers fash­ion, Rick Wayne has con­sis­tently—some might say, un­nec­es­sar­ily—re­minded reg­u­lar view­ers of TALK that he is “an equal op­por­tu­nity ass kicker.” He re­peated him­self on Thurs­day evening, while en­dors­ing Ti­mothy Poleon’s re­ac­tion to a con­ve­niently an­gry Newsspin caller. Yes, an­gry, be­cause Wayne had dared to crit­i­cize pub­licly not only the prin­ci­pal of St Mary’s Col­lege but also (gasp! gasp! pass me the smelling salts!) the sit­ting arch­bishop.

To be fair, what Wayne said about the two in­di­vid­u­als must’ve shocked even the most sea­soned view­ers of his weekly show. Which is pre­cisely what Wayne meant to do last Thurs­day evening, and has been do­ing for close to two decades. His pur­pose, he has ac­knowl­edged count­less times, is to shock peo­ple out of their com­fort­able but de­struc­tive com­pla­cency. How­ever, for one par­tic­u­lar caller to last Fri­day’s Newsspin Wayne had taken his “ven­omous” crit­i­cism of the revered col­lege prin­ci­pal and the holy of holies Arch­bishop Rojas at least a mile too far— for the caller more tan­gi­ble ev­i­dence that TALK’s host had fi­nally lost it, “gone mad.” Which ob­ser­va­tion caused the know­ing Ti­mothy Poleon to chuckle wickedly. “Nah,” said Newsspin’s thrice-bit­ten host, “Rick is not mad; he’s just dif­fer­ent!”

Of course, it should by now be no se­cret that the more con­tro­versy he can cre­ate around a par­tic­u­lar topic, the hap­pier will be. And so it should’ve been no sur­prise when he re­turned dur­ing this week’s TALK to the re­cent Saint Mary’s Col­lege bur­glary and the school’s prin­ci­pal. As re­gret­table as was the breakin, Wayne in­sisted, it should not have dom­i­nated the news when on the same evening of the bur­glary a young man had been fa­tally shot at a Pi­geon Point beach party (ap­par­ently for ghouls with) by a per­son or per­sons un­known. In Den­nery a woman had ac­cepted the of­fer of a ride by a seem­ing Good Sa­mar­i­tan who quickly turned into the devil him­self once she had boarded. Hav­ing raped her, he then pro­ceeded to chop her up with a cut­lass, threw her bleed­ing pro­fusely out of his ve­hi­cle, then sped off. There were other in­ci­dents of the same kind, al­beit un­re­ported, the week­end St Mary’s was “des­e­crated.”

But pre­sum­ably be­cause of his sta­tus, or his was the loud­est squeak, it was the school prin­ci­pal who got the lion’s share of the oil, by which I re­fer to news cov­er­age. That, folks, is what re­ally ticked off Rick Wayne. As he said on his show, “both the well­po­si­tioned prin­ci­pal and the arch­bishop con­cen­trated on the feath­ers, not on the dy­ing bird.” For Wayne, the real is­sue was the ob­vi­ous break­down of the so­ci­ety, the long, tac­itly en­cour­aged si­lence of the na­tion’s in­sti­tu­tions that had con­trib­uted to it, the re­fusal of their lead­ers to call a spade a spade. It was that re­sound­ing si­lence, which to his mind, amounted to com­plic­ity. And that tacit en­dorse­ment is what had in­spired his shock­ing tirade. I sus­pect he has only just be­gun. Let oth­ers choke on their si­lence, even as their sons are cut­lassed or shot like cat­tle at an abat­toir, even as their daugh­ters are sav­agely rav­aged with­out res­o­lu­tion. I think we can also count on at least one par­tic­u­lar so­cial com­men­ta­tor (!!) not to for­ever hold his peace. Thank good­ness. Adios, un­til next time . . .

“The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” I never quite un­der­stood that id­iom un­til ear­lier this week af­ter my time­line was filled with cru­saders call­ing for Rick’s head.

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