“Rick Wayne plays the ball back into court!”

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STAR Pub­lisher Rick Wayne’s com­men­tary en­ti­tled, ‘A Monster Worse Than the One or Two Se­rial Rapists in Our Midst!’ was one of our most talked about ar­ti­cles this week. Of the flood of re­sponses and re­ac­tions sur­round­ing the piece, we thought the fol­low­ing was most de­serv­ing of pub­li­ca­tion:

Bravo. I know not what to say ex­cept that Rick has once again played the ball back into court and the rest need to fig­ure how to read the play. A Monster 50 years in the mak­ing, and the chick­ens came home to roost. From Im­moral­ity un­fet­tered in the high­est of­fice of the Land, to lead­ers who first armed our youth with lethal weapons for rev­o­lu­tion; to Liars who wielded unimag­in­able po­lit­i­cal power while hold­ing the area where a heart should have been that only held stone cold wicked­ness. Yes, a morally bank­rupt Po­lit­i­cal Elite, a Po­lice Force brought to tat­ters by Politi­cians who strove on the mis­ery of oth­ers do­ing noth­ing to help stem the hem­or­rhage of the na­tion’s col­lec­tive sanc­tity, and who at ev­ery turn de­stroyed our so­cial fab­ric with im­punity. Yes, those who re­mained in their ivory tow­ers do­ing noth­ing say­ing noth­ing and some­times tac­itly en­dors­ing the crim­i­nal be­hav­ior of our revered lead­ers would never imagine the stench reach­ing their fa­cial ori­fices way up there. Yes Rick, the monster is there glar­ing at us all, but not all of us can see it for what it is, and still yet some of those who can see it, in hyp­o­crit­i­cal style would like us to be­lieve the monster is a fig­ment of our imag­i­na­tion. My ques­tion is how do we tame the monster, or if pos­si­ble de­stroy it? It is our cre­ation so we should have an anec­dote for re­liev­ing our­selves of the en­emy within. Tell it like it is Rick! Well done.

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