Any­way, even if the ICC was pick­ing on black Africa, so what? If the ICC was wrongly pick­ing on black Africa, then the Africans who have or want to leave the court would have a good case for see­ing the ICC as a bo­gus. How­ever, if the ICC is rightly pickin

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Africa and the other African coun­tries that see the ICC as an in­stru­ment of racist Euro­pean im­pe­ri­al­ism are not con­tend­ing that the judge­ments of the court are wrong. What these African coun­tries are say­ing is that the ICC is pick­ing on black African coun­tries only.

How­ever, the ICC has in­ves­ti­gated lead­ers from sev­eral other parts of the world. The for­mer leader of Ser­bia was ar­rested by the ICC and ac­tu­ally died in look­ing at what these lead­ers are ac­cused of, if the Africans are to be be­lieved, they are not tyrants at all, but saints!

The prob­lem with the drive by black Africa to leave the court is that while the ICC is seek­ing to bring these Africans to jus­tice, it is do­ing noth­ing to bring oth­ers, no­tably white lead­ers from the great pow­ers, for their sup­posed crimes. How­ever, there is a sig­nif­i­cant dif­fer­ence between what these Africans are ac­cused of and what the lead­ers of the great these great pow­ers, the per­pe­tra­tors are pun­ished.

Maybe Africa just can­not help its back­ward­ness and maybe that is why it takes up most of the ICC’s time. Black Africa is cer­tainly not do­ing much to bring these ac­cused to jus­tice. As such, it will al­ways need Europe to have a pa­ter­nal­is­tic pol­icy to­wards the con­ti­nent to civ­i­lize its lead­ers in the ben­e­fits of con­form­ing to mod­ern ways. For that rea­son alone, Africa should stay with the ICC.

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