An “Im­mense” Op­por­tu­nity for Dawn Bac­chus

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Dawn Bac­chus is a Vin­cen­tian na­tive who re­cently brought her small busi­ness, iron­i­cally named Im­mense Bags, to for­eign lands for the first time. Although it’s just across a small chan­nel, thanks to the Trade Ex­port and Pro­mo­tion Agency in Saint Lu­cia she was able to dis­play her cre­ative hand­made bags, hats and jew­ellery in our is­land. Dur­ing the three-day TEPA Expo, she told the STAR that she would def­i­nitely con­sider her trip a suc­cess. Here’s the story of how Dawn’s un­ex­pected busi­ness be­gan.

How did you come up with the name for your busi­ness?

Dawn: Be­cause of the size of the bags! I started by mak­ing some re­ally big bags. It was ac­tu­ally my son; one day I was won­der­ing, “What am I go­ing to name this?” and he sug­gested ‘Cre­ative Some­thing’. But I didn’t want to call my­self a cre­ator; I ain’t Je­sus! [Laughs.] Then he told me to call it ‘im­mense’. Im­me­di­ately I asked, “Why im­mense?” and he said be­cause ev­ery bag I made was so huge.

What in­spired your busi­ness?

Dawn: I was in Bar­ba­dos for med­i­cal rea­sons and I wanted a bag to go into town but all I had was a small side bag. I wanted a big one, so I went into town, bought some fab­ric and cooked some­thing up. It was a Ja­panese-styled bag, where you make it but don’t sew it. When I went into town again with my new bag I be­gan to no­tice the dif­fer­ent types of fab­ric avail­able, es­pe­cially burlap. I didn’t even know there were so many dif­fer­ent colours of burlap in yards. I started buy­ing so many types. The other bag that I made after that was a leatherette bag which I sewed by hand. Then when I went home, my son no­ticed my bags and he asked me to make him a mes­sen­ger bag. I did that too. And that’s how I started do­ing bags.

Do you make only bags?

Dawn: No. Right now I do all sorts of bags as well as jew­ellery and hats. I do the jew­ellery in my spare time.

Tell us about your hats.

Dawn: Well I was in­spired to make hats that don’t dis­turb your weave. So what I do is able to sur­round the hair-do and pro­vide shel­ter to your face. I do other hats like bucket hats as well. No mat­ter the size of your head or your hair­style, I have some­thing that can fit. I’ve been us­ing my son as a man­nequin for new de­signs.

Do you have any other jobs?

Dawn: No, this is only what I do presently. I’ve got­ten so much sup­port and re­quests for new stuff I don’t have time to do any­thing else. When peo­ple buy a bag I smile, and I go home smil­ing while mak­ing an­other one. They al­ways come unique though, I never make the same bag twice. It wouldn’t be nice to see two peo­ple with the same bag.

How has busi­ness been so far?

Dawn: Over the years it’s def­i­nitely grown. Some time pe­ri­ods are slower than oth­ers but that’s how it is. Right now I’m only pro­duc­ing and sell­ing in Saint Vin­cent.

What brought you to Saint Lu­cia?

Dawn: I was a part of the group Vincy Klus that TEPA con­tacted to get busi­nesses to come to Saint Lu­cia to show­case.

What has the re­sponse been like in Saint Lu­cia?

Dawn: Well it’s just like ex­hi­bi­tions at home. A few will come in and buy and a few will look at some­thing but are still hes­i­tant. But con­sid­er­ing here is not home, I’m en­cour­aged by the re­sponse from Saint Lu­cian lo­cals.

Do you think that it’s some­thing you will con­tinue do­ing?

Dawn: Yes! Once peo­ple con­tinue to love my bags, I will con­tinue to make them for as long as I can.

Vin­cen­tian na­tive Dawn Bac­chus, owner of Im­mense Bags.

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