Ten Timid Ghosts - Jen­nifer O’Con­nell

The Star (St. Lucia) - - BOOK REVIEW - By Clau­dia Elei­box This book is avail­able at the BookYard. Visit us to­day or email us at bookyard@stlu­ci­as­tar.com or call the STAR 450-7827 for more de­tails.

The “ten green bot­tles stand­ing on a wall” song has had many rein­car­na­tions start­ing from mon­keys jump­ing on a bed to timid ghosts living in a house. The nurs­ery rhyme has a time­less na­ture and has a ver­sion in ev­ery gen­er­a­tion. Ghosts are al­ways thought to be scary in books, sto­ries and on tele­vi­sion (of course with the ex­cep­tion of Casper the Friendly Ghost) but these ten ghosts seem to be on the other side of the ta­ble in this book. Their fear­ful na­ture is what makes this chil­dren’s book so en­ter­tain­ing. Even for me.

‘Ten Timid Ghosts’ is a rhyming tale of how un­sus­pect­ing, in­no­cent ghosts are evicted from their house. A greedy witch, who sup­pos­edly wanted to move into the house, chases the ghosts out one by one. Ev­ery time she uses a dif­fer­ent tac­tic and cos­tume to scare the ghosts. Her costumes con­ve­niently rhyme with the num­ber of ghosts left. But none of them know that it’s a witch.

The fate of all ten of the ghosts leads them to the dark woods nearby. Even­tu­ally you re­al­ize that they all gath­ered in the for­est af­ter be­ing taunted by the witch. When the tenth ghost joins the rest, she has dis­cov­ered the true na­ture of all their masked threats - dur­ing her en­counter she caught a glimpse be­neath the un­rav­el­ing cos­tume of her tor­men­tor.

The en­raged ghosts come up with their own mas­ter plan to get the witch out of their house. To find out if it ac­tu­ally worked, come buy the book!

‘Ten Timid Ghosts’ has a Hal­lowe’en theme but in the friendli­est way. It’s the perfect book to read as a group with kids be­cause they can eas­ily fol­low the rhymes. The art­work of the pic­tures is fun and de­tailed, and is sure to catch their at­ten­tion if the words haven’t al­ready.

Dur­ing the Easter hol­i­days, keep in mind that it is al­ways good to en­cour­age chil­dren to read and write even when not at school. This book is one way to make the task more en­ter­tain­ing for the young­sters.

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