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The Star (St. Lucia) - - LOCAL - By Michael Walker

Rally, rally round the West Indies, sang David Rud­der when the Windies were a pow­er­ful force in world cricket. They sang so loudly that the song be­came an an­them for the Caribbean's favourite sport.

Well, Dear Read­ers, the time has come for each and ev­ery one of us to stand and sing at the top of our voices so that even the deaf­est of our po­lit­i­cal lead­ers will hear us on their moun­tain tops far above the madding crowds and milling masses.

“Rally, rally round our dear G.G.! Rally, rally round our dear G.G.!”

I make no se­cret of my ad­mi­ra­tion for Her Ex­cel­lency Dame Pear­lette Louisy, Gov­er­nor Gen­eral of Saint Lu­cia. For al­most two decades she has per­formed her du­ties to per­fec­tion, al­ways main­tain­ing the dig­nity of her of­fice by neatly tread­ing the tightrope be­tween var­i­ous ad­min­is­tra­tions and thread­ing the nee­dle of di­plo­matic nicety.

I also love the Gal. She is adorable, has a great sense of hu­mour, an in­fec­tious laugh and a su­per-duper smile that lights up the world around her. And in ad­di­tion, de­spite her fri­vol­ity she man­ages to carry off her of­fi­cial du­ties with a dig­nity and aplomb that is be­fit­ting a rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the Com­mon­wealth Head, Her Majesty Queen El­iz­a­beth II.

I be­lieve, but I didn't know her in those days, that she was asked by Dr An­thony af­ter he first came to power as a bright, rel­a­tively young, hand­some, promis­ing prime min­is­ter in 1997, whether she would be will­ing to as­sume the role of Head of State. In De­cem­ber of this year, 2017, it will be two decades, twenty years, since she said yes, and the rest, as they say, is his­tory.

For ev­ery­one un­der the age of thirty, as­sum­ing we do not re­mem­ber much of our first ten years on this earth, there has never been any other Mother of the Na­tion than Dame Pear­lette. She is, in the nicest sense of the word, an In­sti­tu­tion, a bea­con atop a pi­ton that guides the na­tion through thick and thin while rival par­ties and politi­cians tum­ble and twist in the murky, un­savoury mists of party pol­i­tics.

Pear­lette is im­mutable. She suf­fers the slings and ar­rows of out­ra­geous for­tune each time she de­liv­ers the Throne Speech which is usu­ally de­vised by the prime min­is­ter of the day and edited some­what by her own hand. Her Ex­el­lency knows that she pos­sesses no real po­lit­i­cal power; her in­flu­ence is mainly sym­bolic. She has al­ways known when her prime min­is­ters have been mis­be­hav­ing and she has tried to usher them along the path of right­eous­ness know­ing full well that her po­si­tion is main­tained at the prime min­is­ter's pleasure. When protest has no mean­ing, why protest too much?

To be, or not to be, that is the ques­tion: Whether 'tis no­bler in the mind to suf­fer The slings and ar­rows of out­ra­geous for­tune, Or to take Arms against a Sea of trou­bles…?

Pear­lette has al­ways fought for the fu­ture of our na­tional lan­guage de­spite empty prom­ise af­ter empty prom­ise of funds and back­ing for the de­vel­op­ment and preser­va­tion of Saint Lu­cian speech. Pear­lette even went so far as to ‘le­git­imise' Cre­ole in her Throne Speech.

And now, Dear Reader, Mis­chievous Ru­mour is rife in the dark cor­ri­dors of gov­ern­ment where it is whis­pered that those in power, the Ter­ri­ble Twins, Twee­dle­dum and Twee­dledee, would see Her Ex­cel­lency dis­ap­pear and be re­placed by … whom? Their Dad?

Is there any­one in this small is­land state that can re­place Dame Pear­lette in the hearts of her peo­ple? Is there any­one who can ful­fil the role of Head of State with more dig­nity and grace? Does any­one pos­sess greater skills or tact, for­bear­ance and diplo­macy?

Saint Lu­cians, the time has come to rally round our Gov­er­nor Gen­eral and pro­tect and pro­long her unique ser­vice to the na­tion. She has made the role of gov­er­nor gen­eral her own. She has placed upon her of­fice the stamp of De­cency, Hon­esty, Im­par­tial­ity and Dig­nity. She is truly a Na­tional Trea­sure wor­thy of our love re­spect and rev­er­ence. It's time to tell the politi­cians to get off and leave well alone!

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