Pro­mote Peace - NOT War!

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He pulls a cut­lass, a knife or an­other sharp or heavy ob­ject! He pulls a gun! What is his in­ten­tion? To at­tack the per­son(s) with whom he has a dis­pute. Isn't this ut­most fool­ish­ness? Does chop­ping, stab­bing, hit­ting or shoot­ing some­one bring any good re­sult?

Be­fore tak­ing up a weapon when an­gry, please look up. Re­mem­ber your Maker above who gave you life. Psalm 36:9. See Him look­ing down at you. Our lives are gifts from God. As such, he wants us to treat life as very spe­cial, a price­less trea­sure! The fact that God gave his most spe­cial Son to die for us so that we can get ev­er­last­ing life (Life with­out death - Rev­e­la­tion 21:4) is fur­ther proof that God wants us to have the high­est re­gard for life. John 3:16. If we de­lib­er­ately take a per­son's life, we are telling God that we don't care about the gift of life that he has given us or about His stan­dards in the Bi­ble. Re­spect God by fol­low­ing the ad­vice given in these Scrip­tures: Ti­tus 3:2 - do not be a brawler/quar­rel­some, but gen­tle. Ro­mans 14:19 - fol­low the things that make for peace. Matthew 5:9 - be peace­mak­ers. Ro­mans 16:20 - God gives peace. Philip­pi­ans 4:7 - God and Christ pro­mote peace. Will we be sense­less and pro­mote war like the most fool­ish crea­ture in ex­is­tence, the Devil, (Rev­e­la­tion 12:12, 17) or will we be sen­si­ble and pro­mote peace like our Cre­ator and his Son? Make the wise choice. Choose peace, not war!

--- Simeon James

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