What is it about yard fowls and party hacks that so fas­ci­nates Rick Wayne?

The Star (St. Lucia) - - COMMENT - By Peter Josie

Ihave of­ten ex­pressed my ad­mi­ra­tion for Rick Wayne’s tenac­ity and com­mit­ment to what­ever grabs his fancy. Still I have dif­fi­culty un­der­stand­ing his per­verse fas­ci­na­tion with the yard fowls, hacks and syco­phants that in­fest Face­book, their poverty of spirit al­to­gether ex­posed. There is a par­tic­u­lar school of yard fowls and hacks that cluck like lost hens as they mine the me­dia for scraps of the fake news with­out which they would die of star­va­tion. It takes a cer­tain kind of idle mind to ha­bit­u­ate in such a pro­file. Their pur­pose es­capes me.

Rick’s love af­fair with the ab­surd came to mind when I read his long dis­ser­ta­tion on the Jimmy Henry af­fair in the of July 22. Some peo­ple are fa­mil­iar with the fi­nan­cial pres­sures a Min­is­ter of Govern­ment daily faces. Yet many have ac­quired a de­pen­dency on politi­cians. Such de­pen­dency is not new. It has, how­ever, in­ten­si­fied over the last two decades when cer­tain spine­less politi­cians be­gan frit­ter­ing away scarce trea­sury re­sources on party hacks. The largesse stems from a con­tempt for the poor. It aims to make that class of peo­ple more and more de­pen­dent on politi­cians. Such po­lit­i­cal con­duct is crude and de­mean­ing.

Per­haps in the in­ter­est of trans­parency and ac­count­abil­ity, Jimmy Henry owed his bud­ding lo­cal ath­letes, in­spir­ing them to train harder.

Saint Lu­cia had been of­fered, and ac­cepted, host­ing the 2017 Youth Com­mon­wealth Games. Why did the for­mer govern­ment first ac­cept to host these Games and what rea­son lives, choos­ing tech­nol­ogy to mask their per­verted ten­den­cies. This is not the life that love of God and a sound ed­u­ca­tion pre­pares one for.

Those that will not let the Jimmy Henry mat­ter rest are of the same species that will

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