Fake News, Al­ter­na­tive Facts . . . and Liars!

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Last week I broke one of my car­di­nal rules. I lis­tened to, and en­gaged, an id­iot in a short dis­cus­sion. The man raised the ques­tion of “the gov­ern­ment bor­row­ing from the NIC with­out par­lia­ment ap­proval.” I replied that the gov­ern­ment had done noth­ing wrong. Big mis­take! I lis­tened, as I some­times do, to per­sons with noth­ing el­e­vat­ing to say. He was not sat­is­fied. He im­me­di­ately turned to St. Jude Hospi­tal and asked about the roof of the sta­dium.

I an­swered with a ques­tion of my own: “Should we re­turn An­thony and the SLP to of­fice for two more years so they can fix the sta­dium roof, and com­plete St. Jude Hospi­tal?” No re­ply! I per­sisted: “How many more mil­lions would it cost tax­pay­ers if that lot were still in of­fice?” Again, dead si­lence! He then made some vague ref­er­ence to the gov­ern­ment al­low­ing Chi­nese cit­i­zens a free pass into Saint Lu­cia. He could not ex­plain what he meant. It was clear that he was un­der the in­flu­ence, not of some heady bev­er­age but rather the full-time dis­sem­i­na­tors of fake news and al­ter­na­tive facts; full-time pre­var­i­ca­tors. A great pity the blind con­tinue to lead the blind. I ask my­self: Why I should care? The one an­swer I came up with was my love of coun­try!

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